Pre-Blast: The Crucible 8/1/14

  • Workout Date - 08/01/2014
  • Q In Charge - Mega Mu
  • The PAX - Anyone looking to get stronger!
  • AO -

Meet at the parking lot next to Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial at 0505. The race for the VT will start at 515. Anyone who does not want to run the entire 4.7 miles (ish) can meet in the parking lot at 0520 like always. Those that come at 515 will run a lap (first loop) and pick up the rest of the PAX at 530 (at the parking lot).  The course we will run from there will be very similar but slightly shorter (second loop).

The Thang:
Partner Up
Starting at the parking lot by the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, follow the course (clockwise, towards the softball field). Complete the exercises at the indicated locations (reps listed are total for you and your partner)

8.1.14 Crucible I








Lap 1
Station 1 – Picnic shelter next to starting parking lot (note: the map indicates the playground next to it)
50 Dips
Station 2 – Pullup bars next to basketball court
20 Pullups
Station 3 – Trail intersection (above tennis courts)
50 Squats
Stations 4 – Parking lot beside trail
50 Derkins
Station 5 – Trail intersection
30 Burpees

8.1.14 Crucible II






Laps 2-6
Slightly modified lap, same stations as above with same exercises (no Station 5).  Run this course 5 times (or as many as time allows)

4.7/3.5 miles
150/125 Dips
60/50 Pullups
150/125 Squats
150/125 Derkins
30/0 Burpees
See you in the gloom,

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