Pre-Blast: The Cottonmouth [UPDATES]

  • Workout Date - 01/23/2016
  • Q In Charge - Pothole
  • The PAX - Any
  • AO -

The Cottonmouth: Frozen Edition

So YHC has some bad news, and then some really, really good news.

First, the bad news:

The Cottonmouth – Halloween Edition is a bust. Gone. No more. Cancelled. Eradicated. This means, do NOT show up for The Cottonmouth starting at Strut on November 7th. Or the 14th. Or anytime in 2015 for that matter. You can, however, show up at Strut any of those dates. Just, no one will be there to start The Cottonmouth with you.

Now for the really, really good news:

The Cottonmouth will be happening in 2016. January 23, 2016, at 0500 to be exact.

You may now commence your happy dance and scream like a little girl at a Justin Beiber concert.

“Why the change all of the sudden?”
Two things seem to be pretty big with F3 PAX right now…GoRuck and football. If there’s not a GoRuck event that weekend, it’s an important Carolina or Clemson game. GoRuck events – and other CSAUP events – during the summer left little room for anything extra. End of October and November have shaped up to be important GoRuck months. Throw in the Mud Run, “important” football games, and holidays…and now you’re leaving very few dates for November and December.

One of the most important key components of F3 CSAUP events comes down to the 2nd F – Fellowship. Sure, there will be some physical stuff to deal with, and some temperature elements, but the fellowship makes it all worth it. I don’t want our numbers to suffer for this event because of a football game or a prior event commitment. We need the fellowship that F3 provides. Afterall, that’s what Columbia saw during the recent flood events – our fellowship and willingness to serve others. So we’ve chosen January 23, 2016 as the date for all the magic to happen. Here’s the best reasons:
1. No more football games
2. No holidays
3. You burn off all of those holiday eatery calories
4. You Greenville GoRuck attendees can test your gear a week before your event on the 29th/30th
5. If you got a brand new ruck for Christmas, now’s your perfect opportunity to break it in properly – and receive your first patch!
6. Last year’s Cottonmouth gave the water obstacle – January will present the temperature obstacle (maybe. South Carolina loves to keep you guessing on the weather)
Therefore, reasons 1 – 6 = NO EXCUSES

“What kind of equipment do I need? Do I need one of those ruck thingys?”
You and your cold-weather workout attire (please, no polar bears. Wear something.). Additionally, you may want to consider the following: high socks, a head-lamp, and a hydration pack. If you need to eat every 10 minutes, beef jerky is always a proud manly choice. Again, a ruck is *not* required. But it will be ruck friendly. Just remember, you bring it, you carry it.

“How much of my day do you plan on taking up?”
For the purposes of reporting to your M, wheels up at 0500, endex at noon-ish. If we end before that, the choice is yours as to how quickly you want to rush home and shovel snow (if we have any). There might be some eats at the endex, so you may want to plan on sticking around for a bit after for some additional 2nd F (fellowship) and 4th F (food).

“T-shirts and CSAUP events have eaten all of my allowance. How much is this going to cost me?”
You get all of the fun and adventure for the one-time fee of: zero dollars. However…there will be a really cool tri-blend t-shirt for purchase well before the race. The proceeds will go towards the endex party with any remaining money going to a charity. So, buy a t-shirt and get a kick ass endex party and support a local charity. T-shirt sales will start around December so that you get your shirt before the event. I’ll make sure sales are offered several times. Besides, you know you need another workout shirt.

“I get scared walking through the woods in broad daylight – can my 2.0 come? Who’s invited?”
If your 2.0 is a teenager and mentally and physically capable of trying to charm the Cottonmouth, in the cold, then bring him along to hold your hand. Otherwise, any F3 PAX is welcome. And please, by all means, bring an FNG! This will be the perfect opportunity to properly introduce them to F3.

“I don’t want to be a part of the Cottonmouth because [insert lame excuse here], but I’d like to help out. Do you have a job for me?”
That’s mighty 3rd F of you. We’ll give you a hall-pass this time. There’s a need for logistical support, communications, hydration station, and a few surprise pain stations. Please sound off below with “support”. Also, if you consider yourself a grill-master and are willing to bring your grill and cook, please contact me:

“Walking around town at 0500. Unknown surprises in Harbison Forest. Unknown coupons to carry. Challenges. 8-ish miles. Cold weather. Good times with my fellow PAX. I’m in!”
Comment below with “HC.” You’ve got about 3 months. But don’t wait! HC now!
I only got about 17 HC’s from you weirdos when this was first announced – another reason we decided to push this. You’ve got 3 months. 3 MONTHS. Spread the word. HC. Update your FNG list. And lets get a little more excited about this.

Do it.