Pre-Blast Spartan Beast – November 14, 2015

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Less than 2 weeks before go time for the nastiest Spartan Race in the Carolinas.  The Beast at Winnsboro will show you what you are made of. 32 F3 men have signed up for the race but for some reason we are spread across 11 teams.  Spartan has kindly consolidated us into one morning wave and afternoon wave depending on when you asked to start when you registered. The morning wave will go at 9:00 (probably).  The afternoon wave will go between 11:15 and 12:45.

Bib numbers and start times are usually posted about 10 days before the race so be on the lookout for the official notification this week.

Most reading this have probably done a couple of Spartan races before, but here are a few reminders:

Print, sign and bring your waiver(s) — it will save you time at registration.  Also read the competitors information packet.  It usually has some helpful tips.  All of these things are available on the race website under “important documents” or some header like that.

Spartan requires picture ID at sign in.

We will post a shovel flag to the right of the entrance area as a meeting point for F3.  At 32 runners we are unlikely to have the largest team and score the tent.

Remember this is a very gritty course.  It is usually traversed with ATVs and dirty bikes.  Lots of ruts, loose rocks and gravel.  Pay attention to your footing and watch the ankles.

Also remember that this race will probably take three hours plus.  You will need fuel.  Spartan provides water on the course and it is usually enough if you take advantage of every stop. But they don’t provide snacks.  You need to figure out how to carry food and keep it clean enough to eat.  I am open to suggestions as I have never accomplished this very well.

One other humble suggestion.  Buy these:

MudGear Compression Obstacle Race Socks

Malko doesn’t give me a kickback — I just love these socks and they protect the parts of your legs that are most likely to get shredded during these races.

Suggested packing list:

Towel, clean change of clothes and shoes, soap, plastic trash bag, band aids, neosporin and hat.

Looking forward to it!

Use comments section to arrange carpools.  Parking is usually $10 per car.

Spooky Jon


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