Pre-Blast: NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

  • Workout Date - 03/31/2023
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Ooops. You’ve found the Pre-Blast. Click here to view the updated NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

1 thought on “Pre-Blast: NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge”

  1. Great idea. One thing that has been rolling around in my head is that we as a GROUP should do something to support Sherpa (aka Chris Cloud) of F3 Nepal. The guy quit his job here in Greenville to return to his birthplace to spread not only the virtues of F3 to the youth of Nepal, but also salvation through Jesus Christ.

    From a email he sent out some time ago, which I’m sure many of you got, he is paying all his expenses from savings and donations from friends.

    Even if the bracket challenge is not the chosen vehicle to do so, I would like to see something on a group level done to support him. All suggestions are welcome.

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