Pre-Blast: Leadership forum (location update)

  • Workout Date - 03/25/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
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Quick blast here as details are being solidified.  We are growing daily both in numbers and workouts.  Daily, there are questions from the PAX on taking initiative to spread F3 around the community in some form or fashion.  For every person that is speaking up, there’s at least one who is sitting silently wanting to help but doesn’t know how.


Wednesday, May 20th @ 6PM
Location:  Barley’s Taproom – Upstairs
Who:  Any PAX who is interested in having a slightly smaller larger role (thanks Flay) in F3 Swamp Rabbit then working out and Q’ing (DON’T WORRY:  it won’t be a life consuming undertaking)
What:  Looking to form groups that will be advisors to the PAX in the different aspects of the F3 group (Fitness, Fellowship, Faith, Marketing, Events, etc.)
Why:  First off, let me tell you what it’s NOT.  It’s not governing bodies that will rule all the decisions.  What we are looking for is to have small committees that are dedicated to a specific area that are able to help when ideas come up and many hands are needed, or just to make sure we have some hands that have a focus throughout the year.

So pencil in the date, and we’ll let you know about the location.  We need everyone’s help that is willing to help.  It’s obvious that F3 has had a major impact on all of our lives and our responsibility is to share it with the world.

9 thoughts on “Pre-Blast: Leadership forum (location update)”

  1. “Who: Any PAX who is interested in having a slightly smaller role”

    I think you mean “slightly LARGER role,” Sponge…

    #ArmchairQB #ThatsWhatSheSaid

      1. Dang, AP. I got the notification email for this comment and thought it meant you’d be joining us. Couldn’t agree more though. I remember Tiger Rag pulling me aside 2 Falls ago, saying “Watch it. COMz get busy. FAST.”

        1. Still waiting on an Android App! Don’t worry, it’s just the larger part of the market that’s left to tap.

          Kidding Alfred…I don’t know how you have time to workout with all the COMZ work. I imagine you workout with a screen in front of your face.

          1. I code on my Apple Watch while I workout….kidding. I don’t have an Apple watch. Hope to have Android soon.

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