UPDATED Pre-Blast: Greer Christmas Parade

  • Workout Date - 12/07/2014
  • Q In Charge - Grrr
  • The PAX - All of them, Ms, and 2.0s included
  • AO -

Update: 12.05.14
Final update before the event on Sunday. We are starting in position #81 of 95 (Santa is 95). Check in is at The Clock restaurant on Poinsett Street in Greer. Check in starts at 1:30, so we recommend everyone be there no later than 2:00pm. Parade starts at 2:30pm. We will walk down Poinsett and turn North onto Main street. The parade ends at the J Harley Bonds Career Center in Greer. Total distance is 1.2 miles. You can park near the start, at the Career Center or Greer State Bank (which are both near the finish), or along the way. You could park at The Station (City Park) if you so desire. The earlier you get there, the easier it will be for you to get parked and to the start. Don’t forget your gear (if you have it), shovel flag (if you have it), donation for Greer Relief (if you can) and a Santa Hat. We will also be carrying a 2′ x 6′ F3 Banner with the logo and website address! Here’s a nice map for you:



Hit up @F3Greer on twitter or you can email F3swampRabbit or F3Greer if you need assistance the day of or before. Here are some rules for the Parade:

  • NO STOPPING:  There must be no gaps between your entry and the entry in front of you greater than two car lengths!
  • NO THROWING CANDY (or anything else): Members of your group may walk beside your entry and place items in spectator’s hands
  • DO NOT LITTER: Make sure that all trash is disposed of properly before leaving your staging area and no disposal of trash on the parade route!
  • OBEY TRAFFIC LAWS: Please remember that traffic laws are in effect and enforced other than on the parade route-Please do not transport passengers on floats other than when in the parade procession. The parade ends at J Harley Bonds Center and proper restraints are required after that point.

Look forward to seeing you guys out there.

What: Greer Christmas Parade
Where: Downtown Greer
When: 12.07.14 at 1430 (2:30pm)
Put your name down: Here
Donate: Bring some cash for Greer Relief if you can. We will pass the hat at the event.

Over at #TheStation we’ve been doing some talk about some community outreach events to get involved in and Grrr suggested the Greer Christmas Parade, among other things. We thought that would be a great idea so, after some discussion, #BOOM we’re signed up.

We are signed up as a walking group. All you have to do is walk with us and maybe hold a shovel flag.

The mission of Greer Relief:
To prevent hunger and homelessness in the Greater Greer area.

What to wear:
Wear your F3 gear. If you don’t have F3 Gear, just wear some workout gear. If you have black, red, or green shirts that would be great as to keep it in a Christmas theme. Bring a Santa hat as well (should only be a few dollars).

What to bring:
Bring your bodies, your Ms, your 2.0s, your shovel flags, and if you can, bring a donation for Greer relief. #TheStation is covering the $50 entry fee (which goes to Greer Relief), but we would like to contribute as much as possible. Guys if you can’t make it and you have a shovel flag, can we borrow it? It will be very memorable if we walk through with a sea of shovel flags.

The callout:
It was amazing to see 63 guys converge at The Well for Toys for Tots. Are we only able to converge if there is a workout or beer involved? I challenge you to come participate in the Greer Christmas Parade with us so we can help stop hunger and homelessness in our community.

4 thoughts on “UPDATED Pre-Blast: Greer Christmas Parade”

  1. I think this is a Grrreat idea.

    H.C. from I.G.

    For the uninformed, H.C. stands for Hard Commit. We should have a fliers or business cards at least to pass out to the crowd.

    1. Haha! Unfortunately we aren’t allowed to have a Santa in our “display”. They only allow their official Santa. We are registered as a walking group right now. We will have to change if we are to have a “Float”

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