Pre-blast: GOP Debate Convergence 2/13 – MAIN THANG

  • Workout Date - 02/13/2016
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob (and others)
  • The PAX - Just make sure your name is in this box after the event.
  • AO -

When:  February 13th, 2016, 7AM
Who:  All PAX…all workouts…anyone from around the country traveling in (even the Ruckers…come do your crazy, “I have cigarettes, bacon, and gunpowder for breakfast” workout)…Republican, Democrat, Tree hugger, or “Drill Baby Drill”-er
What:  Region-wide Convergence (and further out for those visiting from out of town)
Why:  See bullet Items

  • February 13th is a big day for Greenville.  All 27 (count?) Republican Candidates will be coming into town and the nation’s world’s eyes will be on the Peace Center that day for the final Republican Reality Show Debate that evening – Anybody got any contact information where we can persuade a candidate to show?
  • Since our forefathers descended on the #MainThang, there has always been discussions about doing a Saturday morning workout at the PC for fun
  • Houdini MAY actually show up on a Saturday AM…and MAY wear that highly coveted and most likely stank-a-licious American Flag Bandana
  • Pledge MAY have a sighting…and MAY wear those questionably short, “I’ve got a secret, but I’m willing to tell you if you buy me a drink” American Flag running shorts
  • I’m sure there will be a lot of stuff going on downtown…why not pull out all the shovel flags we can get our hands on…THESE COLORS DON’T RUN…BACK TO BACK WORLD WAR 2 CHAMPS
  • We could host a debate between:  Snowden, Footloose, and Sushi for #mumblechatter rights
  • 1D, you can wear your Jack-A-Lope shorts, but video money shots are strictly prohibited
  • Good chance an All-American play list will be created and blasted for this workoutStart announcing at COT…if you know someone coming into town, invite them to join us.  Let’s make sure the Republican party hear’s about us.I’m Spongebob…and I approve this message.Other words/phrases that I couldn’t fit into the text:  Eagle, Budweiser, “GCOD probably won’t show up because he’ll be at Paris Mtn…doesn’t sound American to me”, Liberty, SUV, Football, NASCAR, WD-40

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