Pre-Blast for "The Epic Crucible 8.15.14"

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2023
  • Q In Charge - Hootie
  • The PAX - Anyone up for a good time!
  • AO -

Hootie's Epic Crucible 8.15.14

You asked for it so I am delivering!

This will be an individual paced event—NO PARTNER NEEDED.  BUT @Domer Simpson and Mega Mu—if you two want to parnter up to share the load–feel free do so. #Michelin5k

Meet and park where we do currently for Lion’s Den workout.  WE LEAVE THE PARKING LOT AT 5:15AM SHARP!  Weather tomorrow is 66 degrees!

The Crucible
Run down Lakehurst drive and turn right on Woodland Way
-20 Derkins at the bridge on Woodland Way
Run down Woodland Way past dog park and stop at Hemlock Drive
-50 Russian Twists (single count)
Run up Hemlock Drive and stop at the top
-15 Ferry Jacks
Follow Hemlock to Boxwood Lane on left
-40 MTN Climbers (single count)
Run down Boxwood Lane and stop at Woodland Way
-10 Burpees
Left on Woodland back to Hemlock Drive

Rinse and repeat that loop until 6:15am
-50 Russian Twists (single count)
-15 Ferry Jacks
-40 MTN Climbers (single count)
-10 Burpees

Penalty for not copmleting a station is 20 Burpees.

See you in the gloom,



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