Pre-Blast for Silver Bullet Express Change of Q Event 01/09/16

  • Workout Date - 01/09/2016
  • Q In Charge - DA, Money & Horse
  • The PAX - TBD
  • AO -

Two and one half years ago, it occurred to YHC that after two months, F3 had such an impact that a work out for double and triple respect pax would benefit our community by re-energizing our experienced pax and involving them in the leadership of our community. Naively, an inquiry was made to our Nan Tan who promptly identified the chain of command and said he would support it if the proposition ever got to him. Just as in other organizations, he thought that Directors and/or Flag officers could be of great help.

About half way through the first interview, it became apparent that this work out would not happen just because it was a superb idea but would require dedication, persistence and a significant sales effort. After 2 to 3 months, the green light was turned on. When F3 gets its shoulder behind something its a beautiful thing to see – the energy, help, brain power, organizational skills and, of course, White Shoes. The entire leadership group decided to get involved with a special waiver – that took a while to get everyone satisfied. This was new territory – not only was there doubt that any 70 YO pax would appear and if they did it was doubtful they could do much. Well, OK. The pax showed up, signed the waiver and continued to show up. Dredd and OBT believe that men need what F3 has to offer. That is true for our pax too. Typically, the Fellowship became an important aspect of SBE. The third F was pretty well in place at the beginning.

So, what next? In trying to discuss the matter with the Nan Tan, in his subtle way after about two sentences, he said: If you have thought about a new site Q, then you have decided to do it so go ahead. After about three months, it finally sank in. The work out leadership needed fresh blood. So, back to the initial objective of returning senior pax to leadership within our community; BINGO! The new site Q team for SBE is composed of a 74 YO and a 75 YO. They have engaged a 77 YO as their consultant! YHC is grateful, delighted and very comfortable turning over the SBE Leadership to Money, DA and Horse.

Back to our Nan Tan. YHC asked if he thought we should have a “Change of Command” type ceremony and if so, would he agree to preside? He gave an immediate an enthusiastic YES! So, the event will occur at 7:00 AM, Saturday, January 9, followed by the first workout conducted by the new Q Team. There will be refreshments after the COT.

If you have ever attended or Q’d Silver Bullet Express or if you simply support “respects”, please join us as we launch fresh leadership into SBE.

Finally, I am grateful for the opportunity F3 provided for me, the F3 leadership, the celebrity guest Q’s and our faithful, dedicated pax. Thank you. Angler

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