Pre blast — Cottonmouth – Ranger Panty Edition

  • Workout Date - 07/30/2016
  • Q In Charge - Chinstrap
  • The PAX - ALL F3 PAX
  • AO -

UPDATE – July 27
WATER DONATIONS STILL NEEDED. Bring water bottles donations.
BRING Camelback or Hydration Pack.
BRING Headlamp and Reflective Gear. 5am is DARK. Don’t want to be a casualty.
Bring $4 for PATCH (Designed by the one and only ROCKING CHAIR, RESPECT)
START LOCATION – Red Bank Baptist Church 120 Community Dr, Lexington, SC 29073
CARPOOL, Coordinate transportation at ENDEX. Leave a car there to ferry pax back to retrieve your cars from starting point.
END POINT (ENDEX) – Riverbend Community Church 1015 Corley Mill Rd, Lexington, SC 29072

I am sure you’ve heard war stories of past COTTONMOUTH events and heard the guys say, “ You should have been there!”.  Here is your chance to make your own war story!  In a nutshell,  the Cottonmouth is a bunch of F3 men trekking 9-10 miles on a Saturday morning  through the Lexington area.  During this adventure,  the pax will endure some rest stops, called pain stations. Carry heavy stuff (coupons) from point A to point B for no reason.  Basically a traveling boot camp.   All will enjoy the fellowship and body odor of your F3 bros during the event.

When is this GLORIOUS event? 
Saturday July 30, 2016. We could not find a hotter day in South Carolina.

Start Time:  Standard F3 time…before the crack of dawn (5am).
End Time: Approximately between 11am -12pm. Let the M know “approximately” when you will be home.

Who are invited?
ALL the men of F3. Invite an FNG. Not really a little 2.0 event.  Remember if you bring them, you carry them.

START LOCATION – Red Bank Baptist Church 120 Community Dr, Lexington, SC 29073
START TIME: 5 a.m.
DISTANCE: 9.2 miles of FUN. 10.2 miles if you want a patch.
ENDEX: Riverbend Community Church 1015 Corley Mill Rd, Lexington, SC 29072

Please carpool and coordinate transportation at end point.

What do I need for this?
No back packy thingy required. If you want more suck, ruck it.  No ranger panties required.  If you got the stems, wear ‘em.  No Merica unitards required unless it makes you happy, wear ‘em.    Bring a hat, a hydration pack, head lamp, and a yummy snack to share like jerky or skittles (can’t share Goo).   It will be hotter than the sun so put sun block on.  Wear closed toe shoes cuz don’t know if we are going off road.  Gonna be hotter than Hades so dress accordingly.  No flip flops or sandals with socks. When in doubt, LOOK COOL!

How much will this cost me?
FREE!*  No cost to you!  One of the only CSAUPS that are FREE!

Will I get a patch/Tshirt?
Now your messing up with the FREE answer above.  If you want one,  HC below and say “AYE” for a patch/Tshirt.  We’ll see what we can scrounge in the prize closet.

Are you ready to make your war story? Good Times Guaranteed! Ken Doll will give your money back at the end if not completely satisfied*. Give an HC below for your HOT SUMMER ADVENTURE through Lexington.  Q needs an accurate count of pax that will be attending if we decide to get a patch/Tshirt.

Questions Direct them to QIC – Chinstrap  Twitter   Cory Mc. (Chinstrap)@Min8ive1

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