Pre-blast: 2015 Drifter 6K Trail Race

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UPDATE: There will be a pre-race beatdown led by Flay at Conestee starting at 0815. Be there early so you can get “warmed up” / “stretched out”. 

Alfred here, recycling most of this post from the one Flay wrote up last year, so I can’t take credit. However, I would like to give my personal experience with the Drifter 6K from 2014. Feel free to skip down below for the event details.

This was my first trail race ever. It was cold, I was flying solo (sad clown), and I pretty much hung out at my car until it was time for the race to start. That way I didn’t have to look like an idiot standing there by myself. The race was awesome. Beautiful trails, a little mud, strategic passing through narrow spots, and of course that moment when my car key fell through a hole in my pocket and I had to turn around and search for it. After miraculously finding my key shining in the middle of the path, I turned around and kicked it up a notch to hopefully salvage my race time.

Near the finish line, I remember coming out of the woods and seeing a group of guys circling up around a flag that was planted in the ground. After finishing, completely out of breath, these guys were now doing core exercises like crunches and flutter kicks. They were also counting out the exercises like they were in the military. My first thought, these guys are CRAZY. How can they be doing this after a 4 mile race? I didn’t know what to think. Was this a military group? I thought about joining in, but was afraid this was a private thing. I hung around for a while. Awards were given out. All the while, these guys with “F3” logos on their shirts are interacting with the crowd the whole time. Making jokes, cutting up, fellowshipping.

That evening I had to Google what this “F3” thing was. Sure enough, I found the website and watched the about video. I really wanted to try this out. Next thing I knew I was on a Spartan Race team with a guy that I now know as Erector. He finally head locked me and  got me to post for the first time. It was all down hill from there. So to sum it up, the Drifter 6K lead to a monumental change in my life for the better. Maybe, we can do the same for some other sad clown on February 7th 2015. 

Editor’s note: Greenville, SC is ~1.5hrs for Charlotte-area and Columbia regions. The SR guys invite visiting PAX! -AP


Look out, brothers. The Man With No Name is back amongst us soon. Probably the most popular winter event in the Upstate is back and better than ever. The Foothills Drifter, presented by Half-Moon Outfitters, is going down on 2.7.15, and F3 is gonna be there in force.

Those of you who have attended in the past can attest that the Drifter not only offers a fun, challenging course in Conestee State Park, but also some of the best swag of any race around. This year, race jerseys will be provided by the North Face, and, with Salomon as a co-sponsor, you can for sure expect some killer giveaways to go along with that. Check out the video up top from last year to get an idea.

What’s better, there’s a F3 discount so we pay $20 instead of the normal $30. Half-Moon has also agreed to let us extend this out to all of F3 Nation, and we figured we’d take the chance to doubledown with a post race workout to show some of the NC and Cola PAX some Swamp Rabbit hospitality. Here’s what we’re proposing:

What: Foothills Drifter 6k Convergence with Swamp Rabbit-led bootcamp immediately following

When: 02.07.15 / Pre-race beatdown at 0815 – Race at 0900 – doubledown after

Where: Conestee State Park

How: Any way you can. Registration can be found hereEnter F3 in the discount field at the top to get the $10 off

Why: To raise some money for the local trails system. Not enough? Okay, to raise awareness locally about F3. Still not enough? Ok… To gauge that winter fitness and get in some serious 2nd F with your brothers from all around F3 Nation.

Note: We had 48 guys post in 2014. Our goal is 100 this year. Let’s do this!

Interested? Go ahead and register, and let us know about your HC in the comments below.

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  1. Any of you out of town PAX: let me know if you’d like me to pick up your packet tomorrow so you’re not in a rush to get in on Saturday AM. Don’t want you to miss out on my little “warm-up”.

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