• Workout Date - 08/02/2014
  • Q In Charge - BrownShorts VQ
  • The PAX - Face, Denied, Doolittle, Dorothy, Spidey, QT, Gluten, FNG (Neal Collins) Crooked, BrownShorts
  • AO -

Warm up
SSH x 25 IC
IW X 20 IC
Flutter X 30 (YHC messed up the count)
Merkins x 10 OYO

The Thang

Mosey (slowsey) to the corner of the church for a Four Corner Escalator
1) 10-Merkins
2) 10- Merkins, 20-Flutters
3) 10-Merkins, 20-Flutters, 30 Mountain Climbers
4) 10-Merkins, 20-Flutters, 30 MC, 40-LBC
10 Count Please!!!

Mosey around parking lot to picnic shelter for 11’s
Dips and inclined pushups (feet out and chest on the bench)
Lots of mumble groaning here, slow 10 Count

Mosey to entrance for an uphill Dora 1, 2, 3
Partner up, count as a team
100 mountain climbers
200 baby squat jumps
300 SSH (keep up the heart rate)

Mosey to three tier hill
1 Burpee, bear crawl up the hill, back run to next hill
2 Burpees, bear crawl, back run
3 Burpees, bear crawl, back run

Mosey then Jailbreak to “Virtual Shovel Flag” for Mary

LHC-Love Handle Crunch (flat on your back and turn both legs to one side working the obliques (love handles))

LHC-right x 20 IC
30 sec elbow plank
LHC-left x 20 IC
30 sec elbow plank
Dollies x 15 IC

P & A

School starting back soon.
Neighbor of Face fighting addiction.
Spidey trying to lead neighbor to the Lord.
Talk of MUD RUN October 4.
PowderKeg now on Mondays 5:30.

Thanks to the PAX for the encouragement and kind words on my VQ. I was a little nervous but knew I had these other men to push me through.

3 thoughts on “PowderKeg”

  1. Doolittle and I got there early enough on Saturday to connect with Brown Shorts and Denied for a little AO exploration! The PowederKeg is HUGE! We probably covered 1.5 – 2 miles before the rest of the PAX showed up for the MAIN THANG at 7AM. A lot left to explore! I agree with Denied… a great potential as a major convergence location for the future! Gotta get MARATHON CHURCH PAX representation onboard. For that matter, we need representation of ALL local church congregations… so far I’m aware of F3 representatives from Grace Church Powdersville, Trinity Point Church, REVIVE… That’s just 4 and we ALL recognize how many other churches there are in this immediate area! I know this is the equivalent to preaching to the choir, but maybe there’s some advice, guidance and wisdom out there we could benefit from that will allow for F3Nation in this area to really IMPACT our community in ways that goes beyond just growth… F3Nation brings God glory! Fitness is the magnet. Fellowship is the glue! Faith is the dynamite! The PowderKeg is a #MajorSadClownBuster!

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