PowderKeg Spring Forward Leads To Shifts …and Mr. Clean?

  • Workout Date - 03/11/2017
  • Q In Charge - Gluten
  • The PAX - Brown Shorts, Duplo, Flow Rider, Carl's Jr, T-Bag, Gouda, Mr. Clean, and Gluten
  • AO -

We usually never know who has the SaturdayQ at PowderKeg until we circle up… there’s a few of us who regularly “Light The Fuse” at 0600, 0615, or even 0623!  Someone may need extra miles leading up to an upcoming team event, a longer distance race, or possibly because they were already up finishing a third shift or the dogs had to be taken out. TODAY… Saturday – March 11 was one of those “special” Time Change Weekends we all so look forward to! So, for us, it happened in shifts! 1st shift had 5 to Light The Fuse; 1 joined 23 minutes later and then 2 more showed up for for the regular 0700 hour long PowderKeg boot camp workout! So, 8PAXsharpened – living out Proverbs 27:17 together – which included FNG Scott Duerk, now known as Mr. Clean! Thanks Gouda for putting your EH on! Let’s take a page from Gouda’s script and follow suit! Also, encourage some MIAs so we can hear “KOTTERS” during Name-O-ramA. Leave NO Man Behind. We are F3rd! Aye! Okay… enough pleasantness.


Disclaimer: We’re peer-led, non-professionals, modify as necessary so you’ll come back and eventually dish out some P&S! Always good when we have opportunity share that disclaimer “benefit” to FNGs. What followed was SSHs, MountainClimbers, CrabCakes and a mosey to the LowerTierOfSteps for ToeTouches? Yeah, those. Warm-up over, now we can get down to sharing some pain & suffering (P&S), together!


Smoking Joe Hendrix or a Backward Bear Crawl up PowderKeg’s Famous Featured Steps either Kareoke/Grapvine or Lunge Walk across the paved areas to next tier. Plank up as we wait on the SIX after they complete the F3rd (sorry, it couldn’t be helped) tier of steps…

People’s Chair! gotta enjoy some static recovery from ole’ Joe, right? Right. Some diversionary tactics were employed to either encourage or at least get our minds off the burning sensation in our legs and thighs from sitting so long ‘on air’! You know the drill, arms out for wax on, wax off, overhead “Touch Down”, overhead hand claps, checking our scripture memorization from Philippians 4:13 and then, we finally heard YHC, callout, “Recover”! Then we moseyed up to the picnic shelter (shameless plug “April 22” – F3-ers and their families use it as intended) for…

Dips & Dirkins! YHC chose 7’s instead of 11’s, OYO… once completed, we moseyed down the hill, but YHC overheard T-Bag get disenchanted cause we didn’t head to the Block Pile. So, not to disappoint, YHC audibled and we circled back up the hill from the parking lot to grab one of our much loved concrete coupons.


  • Overhead Press X10
  • Tricep Extensions X10
  • 21 Guns – 7&hold each for lower range, upper range & full range,
    • Blocks down, shake arms out, then pick’em back up for Rinse & Repeat. After completing a second round, re-stack the MLCC’s back with their rectaganoid friends.

Let’s mosey! Where? To mid-tier parking lot steps. YHC is totally pulling this stuff off the cuff.

Single Legged Squats! We swapped sides to assure good balance for each side. Then after another round of those, we threw in some calf raises for good measure. Short mosey to front entrance for seven rounds of:

Ring-O-Fire Merkins! Sequential… YHC did 3 from plank position, then next up to the right. By the 7th round, you could hear a distinct change in how each PAX voiced, “One, Two, Three!” Once completed, we mosey toward west front corner and do a backward sprint toward northwest corner. Gouda & Mr. Clean had a notable race thing going on. Amazing speed in reverse! YHC then called for Squats. Didn’t hear YO-LEVEN! What’s up with that? So we did it again! Heard it that time! Good work, men. YHC called for tummy balance with head pointed toward dumpsters for alternating Superman to Ironman pose. After several of those, YHC called for a Jailbreak to the dumpsters, Didn’t see that one coming. YHC did say head toward the dumpsters before we started.

YHC knows he got this out of order and may have even left something out. It is what it is… age, oxygen depravation, or not enough BEET juice! LOL. Time for Mary!


  • Heels2Heaven
  • Dollies
  • Rosalitas
  • Pretzel Crunch, RE2LK
  • Pretzel Crunch, LE2RK
  • Leg Flutters
  • Mountain Climbers

Each were incadence X15 except for MCs which were 25. Done, except for YHC grabbing phone for some documentary needs for what follows…


It’s the BEST part… Circle Of Trust & Ball Of Man! Amazing what GOD is able to do to a bunch of tired men. They recognize, it’s a safe place. They can take off the mask of the sad clown because they feel the trust from others in the circle We had announcements:

  • March 18 – Saturday Coffeeteria with a cause? $7 ticket for a pancake breakfast at FATZ Cafe, 5051 Calhoun Mem Hwy, Easley, SC. Short stack of pancakes, sausage links, fruit cup, and choice coffee, tea, milk or juice! This fund raiser supports the TPC Canada Mission Team and EXCELLENT F3Nation Fellowship!
  • April 22 – Picnic Shelter F3 Family Time Event!  Don’t be scared! It’s REALLY a picnic for the family! RSVP through link to be posted.
  • April 8 – Spartan Event, Charlotte, NC
    • Prayer Requests
      • Mr. Clean for Long Term Job Opportunity
      • Gouda’s M, rides English equestrian event, Tryon, NC next week
      • Murdoch’s dad passed away this week, funeral was Friday
      • Brown Shorts Mom, getting better after triple bypass & battling Pneumonia
      • Praise coming out of previous request was Brown Shorts family taking his mom’s pet dog… that she was no longer able to take care of… the pet Yorkie has become a therapy dog for Emma, actually was able to go to school with her on Friday.

YHC closed us out in prayer. As always, it is a blessing to have the opportunity to push, and be pushed as we strive to become better together where ever GOD has blessed us to be! See you in the gloom! -Gluten, out.

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