PowderKeg Closes Out Week in a HOT Spooky Flurry

  • Workout Date - 06/18/2016
  • Q In Charge - Gluten
  • The PAX - WD Whittle, WB GI Jane, RedWire, Fargo, Quaker, Bogo, & YHC Gluten
  • AO -

In one of the hottest weeks thus far this year, this was one for the books as PowderKeg activity goes!   PowderKeg PAX captured the flag on Monday with 6PAX making the trip to Tower of Terror while 17PAX kept the “home fires” burning! GOOD WORK, P’ Keggars! Lo and behold F3Ghost Flag was planted in PowderKeg’s hallowed ground for a whopping hour before Pitchfork’s 6PAX took it East of the Saluda… F3 Anderson, F3 Clemson – we tried to get it closer for you. I’m feeling there may need to be some collaboration between your two AOs the next time we get it back to the PowderKeg… just saying! Even if you had 5PAX to show up last Thursday, Pitchfork would have edged you out! Not sure if there’s ever been two AOs attempt a Ghost Flag Capture on the same workout day. It’s bound to happen sooner or later! It’s all in the numbers, while maintaining your home AO! Then, the local PAX was busy trying to plan around the F3 Dads, etc. You have to get up pretty early to work it in and keep up with PowderKeg PAX. When YHC pulled in around 607, saw the cars but no PAX… ran over 3.5 miles to learn they were busy with coupons at the block pile! It’s all GOOD stuff, especially when you have  5 of your 7 PAX show up (several double downing) who are among “the over 50 gang”! IMPRESSIVE! Here’s what went down:


  1. Imperial Walkers, IC X15;
  2. Mountain Climbers, IC X15;
  3. SSH, IC X 15;
  4. Hillbillies, IC X 15
  5. Arm Circles, forward, IC x 10
  6. Arm Circles, reverse, IC x 10

Let’s MOSEY to PICNIC Shelter:

The Thang

Pull yourself up across a picnic table so that essentially your supported from gluts to shoulders & if you stretch out arms and legs float in the air… the NEXT EXERCISE IS:

  • Boat/Canoe… As YHC calls for “BOAT”, PAX thinks short vessel with legs & arms pulled in; as YHC calls for “CANOE”, the PAX thinks long vessel and stretches out arms & legs straight in alignment with body, holding that position until the next alternate call for “BOAT”… this went on for 4 – 6 rounds of Boat/Canoe. The NEXT EXERCISE is:
  • ELEVENS of Lunges (each leg) balanced off with Squats, such that the PAX experiences a count up from 1, 1 all the way to 10 as you follow each paired lunge with a countdown of 10 squats to 1 squat. 1 lunge (for each leg) plus 10 squats equals… you got it, 11 (ELEVEN) the 2nd round is 2 & 2 + 9; then 3rd round is 3&3 +8 – and so on such that it always equals ELEVENS.

Enough of the picnic shelter let’s take a short mosey as the PAX follows YHC to the Block Pile to grab a smaller RED coupon not a brick, but not a block either. PAX came together for a Coupon Routine in this Circle Of Pain as YHC called the NEXT EXERCISE out as:

  • Tri-cep Extensions, IC, X10; the NEXT EXERCISE is
  • Overhead Press, on YHC’s count X10; the NEXT EXERCISE is
  • Twenty-One Guns. On YHC’s count,
    • Low to Mid X7, & HOLD;
    • Mid to High X7, & HOLD; & finally FULL RANGE,
    • Low to High X7, & HOLD; coupons down for short recovery then,
  • RINSE AND REPEAT for 2nd Round, then return coupons to pile.

Enough of the coupons, let’s mosey… no sooner had YHC seen the WALL, he audibled for a “Jail Break to the WALL! The NEXT EXERCISE is…

  • The WALL OF FIRE. PAX was instructed to pull up a seat in the People’s Chair, while Mericans X10 were completed in succession from one end to the other. After a member of the PAX completed their 10, they got back in the chair until all were completed for the 1st After a brief recovery, it was time to
  • RINSE & REPEAT, a 2nd round in the WALL OF FIRE, this time with Staggered Mericans X5, then switching arm positions from R/Up & L/Down to L/Up & R/Down
  • Ciabattas, 30 seconds X 3 Sets, via Fargo timer with Heel Raises between sets as recovery.

Let’s mosey… around the church to the opposite wall. The NEXT EXERCISE is:

  • The Wall Of Fire II, similar to first one, only this time the timer is a sequential member of the PAX doing a short run we see the whole time we are in the People’s Chair. Quaker got the seventh and final run in before hearing YHC say, “Let’s mosey.” Reconvene at the bottom STEPS for JH&K; plank at top tier until all complete; then recover.
·     IC, X 15: Heels2Heaven
·     IC, X 15: LBC’s
·     IC, X 15: Reverse LBC’s
·     IC, X 15: Rosalita’s
·      IC, X 15: Mountain Climbers, (or AMRAP until 8am)


Announcements included update on a TWO AO collaboration “Celebration” of a Brother relocation… Padre on July 23, StarCommand in Spartanburg… PowderKeg and Rock Hill – looking forward to this for sure! Prayers offered up for several mentioned as well as F3 Dads led by PowderKeg’s Seal. Today was a pleasure to meet GI Jane – belated welcome. Whittle, you are an inspiration! RedWire, you too! Great work today. As always, it’s a good thing to push and be pushed as we strive to get better in our fitness, fellowship and our faith! Let’s do it again real soon and don’t forget to bring your buddies you are EH-ing! #SYITG Gluten, out.

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