Powder Keg get Inspection Tour Q

  • Workout Date - 11/09/2015
  • Q In Charge - Inspector Gadget
  • The PAX - Brown Shorts, Gluten, Keystone, Tiny Dancer, Swift, Seal, Padre, Whoopie!, Steamer, Youkillis, Quaker, Inspector Gadget
  • AO -

It was a wet, cool Monday morning gloom at Powder Keg and YHC thought he would bring an ‘Inspection Tour Sampler’ Q to the Powder Keg PAX. Once a year, YHC tours all the local AO’s to meet new PAX and get new ideas. I highly recommend it.

YHC brought his favorite exercises from this Summer’s tour to Powder Keg. I listed below the AO each one came from. If the downPAINment wasn’t bad enough, the gail force winds and rain brought it’s own agony.


High Plank/Low Plank while the Q recites the F3 Mission – Pitchfork

Zip Code Count – ACES Wild (the 05)

Powder Keg  2+9+6+1+1  equals 19.

SSH – 19

IW – 19

Double Awful – The Burbs

8 count down, 8 count hold 8 count up

Merkins IC 5

Squats IC 5

The Thang:

PAX counts off in 2’s.  Half the PAX grabs a coupon (block)

Pass Block around in a tight outward facing circle. Hold feet up to engage core – Out of the Gate

Seal sit-ups: two lines facing each other on their 6. Lock arms in each line and hook feet with opposing PAX. Do sit-ups in unison  – Out of the Gate


Human Blocking: Two lines of PAX faces each other in a half squat with fists touching. Each pair peels off the line and bear crawls through the tunnel. Two rounds – Tower of Terror

Liberty 500: being called at PK as Powder Keg 500

While partner is running, other partner is exercising.  EACH partner does 100 reps of EACH exercise for a total of 500 reps.

Merkins, Lunges, LBCs, Air Presses, Squats

High Plank/Low Plank while reciting the F3 Mission – Pitchfork


Praise: Lila Moeller: 8 year old with Cancer now in remission.

Prayer Requests: Whoopie’s Grandparent, Grace Church Teen program

YHC was honored to lead the PAX this morning. The weather really sucked, especially as the PK 500 started.  I think we all got another #warstory.


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