Powder Keg Duo Show NO FEAR in Sacrifice: Gave UP comfort for da PAIN!

  • Workout Date - 01/03/2014
  • Q In Charge - Gluten & Quaker
  • The PAX - Gluten & Quaker
  • AO -

We never felt better than when it finally hit 0800! OK… you may never get to fully appreciate a Powder Keg experience quite like this one. I had heard about it from others before and even Kotter, I mean Quaker… (WELCOME BACK) had been through it with Brown Shorts before… when it’s just you and one other F3 Brother holding each other accountable! The incredible thing is that we were NOT really there by ourselves. Scripture says, “When two or more are gathered in the name of the Lord that the Holy Spirit is in our gathering as well.” That’s my loose paraphrase that I believe and will stick with in faith! It’s probably a good thing for us older guys that we lean on GOD to see us through yielding to PAIN rather than comfort of a fartsack. Enough about that though for NOW. When Quaker made the PAX two, he was so ready to head for the brick pile. But, holding out hope that Slug might come around the corner on 2 wheels rather than 4, we agreed to a ‘little’ parking lot warm up.


YHC led off. SSH, IC x 25 followed by Imperial Walkers, IC x 25. Quaker then suggested some arm & shoulder wind mills that, if memory serves, were also IC x 25 followed with rinse & repeat in the other direction. YHC then called for some Peter Parkers, IC x 25. At this point, we were adequately warmed up and it was apparent it would just be us two. I could tell I would not be keeping Quaker from the brick pile, so mosey there we did!


We each grabbed us a standard heavy concrete block and since the pavement was pretty saturated with puddles we took our personal coupon (buddy) with us to the picnic shelter. Picnic NOT! What followed is not so much in order, but you will get the idea that the next exercise was taken pretty much ‘off the cuff” as it came to us.

SEVENS of CURLZ for 21… you may know the drill: lo to mid; mid to hi; and then lo to hi!

TRICEPS Extensions x 15… coupon above head lower behind head and return above, and so on!

SQUATS with coupon overhead x 15

LEG FLUTTERS with a coupon chest press, IC x 20 (ask Quaker to do this one again when you are with him near the brick pile… the coupon somehow makes the PAIN in the lower back more bearable while doing the coupon chest press… remarkable!)

We probably did a couple other routines that utilized the coupons, but at this point in the workout our brains were somewhat oxygen deprived and, so… the memory fades. except for the intense agreement that it was time to return the coupons to the brick pile! We left the light on at the picnic shelter because ELEVENS and a modified JACK WEBSTER had to be endured although we didn’t know that at the time. We just knew we both needed the 1st of 2 moseys around the church.

Coming back up to the shelter, we recognized the lights being left on served as somewhat of a guarantee for our return assuring the light would be eventually turned off. NOT!  We had ELEVENS to get done… Who came up with that one? (YHC, that’s who, Gluten must be losing it) 1 step up to 10 derkins, 2:9, 3:8. 4:7, 5:6, 6:5, 7:4, 8:3, 9:2, 10:1. Okay, this next one is not in order, but it was ELEVENS to with leg lunges and squats. Oh this was Quaker’s idea because you must do leg lunges on both sides meaning double trouble! The SQUATS were almost a recovery for those lunges! Again, this is likely not documenting everything we did, so just know us ‘old farts’ can dish out stuff  that will leave you tested. At this point, it was time for another recovery mosey around the church. After figuring out what time it was, we headed back to the shelter for 6 (8) MOM. We contemplated a Joe Hendrix, but at this point in the workout, it could have been detrimental to our teeth!


Modified Jack Webster or Merkins to Air Presses 1:4 ratio, 2:8, 3:12, 4:16, 4:16, 3:12, 2:8 & finally 1:4. Dollies, IC x 20; Right Oblique Crunches, IC x 25; Left Oblique Crunches, IC x 25; and finally Plank Shoulder Touches, IC x 20. It’s 0800 and it never felt better. We’re done. Time for COT/BOM!


Mentions given for Drifter 6K as well as the great value for this opportunity! Also, launch of Summerville and hopes and prayers for success and safe travels for all involved. Shared prayer requests for family before closing out with lifting our concerns before the Lord who desires for us to live life as only He can imagine! Thank God for us being able to sacrifice the comfort of the fartsack for the PAIN in the gloom that strengthens us in our fitness, fellowship and faith. AMEN!


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