Potato masher of pearls

  • Workout Date - 11/21/2016
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Gluten, Guard Shack, Inspector Gadget, Tiny Dancer, T-Bag, Taylor Swift, Carl's Jr, DuPlo, Shiner, Keystone, Little Engine Chuga Chuga, Steamer, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

Twenty nine degrees and calm. Thirteen men decided it was smart to leave the warm bed and brave the cold at the PowderKeg. We’ve got to keep moving so we don’t freeze.


Slow windmills, SSH, Mountain Climbers

Mosey around the church to the front door.

Flutters, Mericans, and squats in cadence.

Mosey down to the next level of the parking lot.

Dollies, stagger Mericans, lunges.

Mosey down to next level.

Rosalita, stagger Mericans, feet together squats (probably has a better name)

Mosey down to next level.

Dying cockroach, Werkins, Bobby Hurley

Since we’re at the bottom of the stairs, 2×2 Joe Hendricks up the stairs, duck walk between levels.

People’s Chair. Two rounds with arm raises and air presses. 5 Mericans between and after each round.

Back to the bottom of the stairs. 2×2 Joe Hendricks, lunge walk between levels. At the top some of the PAX are on their backs. Good choice. LBCs and reverse LBCs.

Calf raises on the steps.

Mosey to the flag for more Mary.

Pretzel crunch left and right, hip Dips, and Spiccoli’s to end it.

P- First responders working the fire. YHC’s mom open heart surgery. Spiccoli’s family. All families. Steve Jennings. Keystone’s mom traveling. T-Bag’s sister battling cancer.

A- Thanksgiving Convergence. Clown car from the Keg 0615. Sweet Tooth donations. Dec 10 Swamp Rabbit Christmas Party at Spaulding Farm. Dec 10 Dream Center Christmas run in Easley. Running groups through the week.

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