Post Xmas Q

  • Workout Date - 12/26/2017
  • Q In Charge - Mint Julep
  • The PAX - Road Trip, Urban, Deflated, Iceman, Mint Julep
  • AO - Pitchfork

5 Pax choose to get up early and kick jolly old Kris Kringle square in his nutcracker this morning at PF.

Mission Statement – Boom

Disclaimer – Still not a professional and fatter than before the holidays


SSH x 20 IC

Hillbilly x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 20 IC



Mosey to the track

1 min squats…spirited mosey to other end of the track

1 min derkins…spirited mosey back to beginning

1 min lunges…spirited mosey to other end of the track

1 min dips…spirited mosey back to beginning

1 min flutters…spirited mosey to other end of track

1 min jack knife merkins…spirited mosey back to beginning

1 min plank hold…and done


Mosey to playground

10 mins of Cindy…5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats…as many rounds as possible in 10 mins


Mosey to b-ball court

30 sec wall squat…bear crawl to other end of the court, backwards bear crawl back to wall…repeato

30 sec plank wall hold…broad jump to other end of the court and back…repeato


Back to the flag for Mary

Circle burp with tuck jump…1 round

Leg raises with 6″ hold x 15

Crab cakes x 30 oyo….and done



Announcements – F3 dads 7:30 12/30 at PF, New Year’s convergence???, On 2/3 a 5 year Greenville F3 convergence @ Legacy (plans in the works)

Prayers – Deflated’s daughter’s friend who just lost her mother, Iceman’s friends mom battling cancer, MJ’s friend in hospital


As always it was an honor leading such a fine group of men.  God bless!


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