Post Modern Deck of Death

  • Workout Date - 04/07/2017
  • Q In Charge - Officer Poncherello
  • The PAX - Sammy, Road trip, Soccer mom, Benign, Mint Julip, Deflated, Urban, Whisper, Ice man, Nyop, Earth Mover and Hanna Montana
  • AO -

13 PAX showed up for a deck of death done in true post-modern fashion (where there is no “truth” and all things are relative).  4 PAX ran, and 5 ran pre-post.

Started out easy enough w/ 10 SSH w/ weights, then 15 imperial walkers, then Jack-the-Rippers up to 20.

Mosey to the basketball court (the one by the playground) for the THANG.
*spades = Jack Webbs
*clubs= squats
*hearts = curls
*diamonds = burpees

Every 2 or 3 cards were broken up by 7 laps w/ a bear crawl back to the weights.

Mosey to the “Flags” for Mary
*30 dying cockroaches
*10 monkey humpers
*10 SSH w/ weights
*Jack-the-Rippers up to 20

Prayers for Short Barrel, prayers for Andrew Brunson, prayers for Soccer Mom’s father-in-law

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