• Workout Date - 07/03/2014
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - Dollywood, Denied, Domer Simpson, FNG - Wingnut, Grilled Cheese on a Doughnut, Punch Out, Maverick, Winslow
  • AO -

First, watch the video, and then explain to me how this bastion of American Cinema didn’t win multiple Oscars…

Anyway, it’s been a fun week for me, making the rounds to the different AOs, seeing faces I haven’t seen in a while, and seeing a whole lot of new faces in the process. My plan originally was to go to Golden Strip today, but our newest AO was in need of a Q on short notice, and I jumped at the chance to see what this place was all about.

My impression: exactly what I thought it’d be. Like El Guapo and his piñatas, we have a plethora of choices in the Lion’s Den: Hills, trails, plenty of monkey bars/rope climbs/various gear to get creative with, and more. About the only thing we don’t have is a parking deck, but, luckily enough, that’s just a fast mosey away if the Q is feeling feisty. Heck, I showed up with NO plan and NO Weinke. I did check to make sure the tennis courts were unlocked, but, really, my workout today was basically “1) Mosey down the park. 2) Stop and kick everybody’s ass when something grabs your eye. 3) Rinse/repeat.” It was freakishly easy to put together.

My point, you ask? Get yer butt to the Lion’s Den. Forget your cute, warm, fuzzy, FNG-friendly cocoon over at the Main Thang once in a while. Yeah I miss it there too, but the real beatdown is gonna come down by the zoo. Don’t be scared, unless you are, in which case, have fun toodilng around your little plaza with an amphitheather. I like to go back there too for a nice milk run.

9 PAX de-fartsacked on a humid, repeat, HUMID morning to see what YHC had in store.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Spicolis x 10 (for Erector also.)


Mosey down the park. Plenty of mumblechatter with Domer talking about how he fartsacked yesterday but still managed to get 11s in his garage and… hey! Look! A swingset with a low wall right next to it!!! Thanks for the idea, Domer!

11s #crowdpleaser

Swerkins and Dips

(Punch Out asks for a swerkin demo, after which he had the comment of the day. Unfortunately, it can’t be repeated here, as this is a family establishment.)

Not done with that wall yet

Boxjumps x 20 OYO

(more fun comments from Punch Out. Watch yourself, Snowden. We have a pretender to your #mumblechatter throne)

Mosey to the tennis courts and partner up.

Star Drill

One partner runs the star drill and the other exercises. Flapjack until both partners have done all four exercises


Chicken Dance (always funny to watch and #sneakyhard. Today was made better by the look on this guy’s face as he strolled by on his morning walk)

Perfect Squats

Burpees #crowdpleaser

That’s one Flay specialty down, so can you guess what’s coming up next? Yep…

Ark Loader Suicides

Animal movement out two courts and sprint back. Rinse/Repeat.

Bear crawl

Jameis Winston

Frog Jump


Reverse plank until everybody’s done, at which point Domer makes the mistake of mentioning that the high fences on the courts would be great for balls to the wall. Funny you should mention that, Domer, because…

Hipslappers x 20 IC

(lots of moaning and groaning at this point, but YHC will remove his sarcasm hat for a second and say the group knocked this out with abandon. No small feat after that ark loader)

Mosey back up the trail. Take a moment to melt the quads by backpedalling up the hill to get up on the ridge before flipping around and heading back to the flag.


Heels to Heaven x 20 IC

Dead cockroach x 20 IC

Back Scratcher x 20 IC

Superman Banana for 2 minutes. Switch every 10 seconds in minute 1 and every 15 seconds in minute 2 (at which point Domer starts braying “how long ARE THESE INTERVALS!?!?!?!?!)

Long enough, Domer. Long enough…



  • In case I haven’t made it clear. I love this AO. There’s a reason The Crucible lives here. The myriad ways you can absolutely smack people down are truly endless. Like I said, I pretty much didn’t have a plan, and yet, every station started and ended with multiple guys howling and moaning (the ultimate Q compliment IMHO). That said, nobody got hurt (I think), and nobody got beat down passed the point of what is reasonable (By F3 standards, and, again, I think).
  • Praise for Erector’s successful surgery and continued prayers for him in his battle.
  • Powder Keg Week 2 is this Saturday. EH somebody. Meet ’em there to get ’em there. Another fabulous AO that’s worth your time
  • July 4 2nd F at Casa de Flay. Come one. Come all (M’s and 2.0s included). Bring your own adult bevvies and a side/app. BRING YOUR SHOVELFLAGS TOO. M.Flay has gotten a slip and slide and a fun sprinkler thang for the 2.0s to play in, so bring bathing suits and towels.
  • Speaking of July 4, have a safe one, boys, and take a moment to remember the people who risked, and gave, it all so that we can sit around, stuff our faces and be together. We take it for granted, but it’s pretty amazing that we get to do that.

No mushy personal notes this time. I’ll save that for next week when I have my first anniversary as an F3 Man. Join me (if you dare) at the Main Thang on Thursday 7/10 for Flay Day: The Return (please note, this will not be the cute, fuzzy Main Thang #therewillbemerlot)

See you in the Gloom…


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