Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em

  • Workout Date - 06/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - Amelia
  • The PAX - Perry Mason, Footloose, 00, Earthmover, Costanza, Kotter, Wilson, Radar, THE Blue Hawaii, Blades, Playdough, GCOD, Grrrr, FNG Jericho, Holla, Boz, Amelia, FNG-yet-to-be-named
  • AO -

18 Pax including 2 FNGs put on their Fresh New Kicks and Pants, and dropped the Hammer…

I must say this was a much anticipated post/Q for YHC. I had no plans to Q The Beastside this week until I stumbled across a an article that Slim tweeted out Sunday afternoon. It described an interval workout done by one of the top US women’s middle distance runners, Sarah Brown.

The workout consists of twelve 300-meter repeats run at mile race pace with a slow 100-meter jog for recovery between reps. I proposed that we walk the recovery, and that proved to be a good idea. Every third 300m interval, you “Drop the Hammer” and run at your 800m race pace (ie. anywhere between 1-8 seconds faster than mile pace for the 300ms). For Brown, she runs eight 300m reps in the range of 48-49 seconds—her current 1-mile, while the four “hammers” come in closer to 45 seconds.

The Pax this morning… we were about that…

There were some pre-post rumblings on Twitter about this workout from certain Pax not to be identified. “Amelia, why would you do this?” “I need extra time to prepare for this” “This will scare away FNG’s” “This is still not a good idea” “If you have a grudge against someone, bring them to Beastside tomorrow” “Amelia, you are going to single-handedly destroy The Beastside with this Q”

This turned out to be a great post if you were there. Yes it hurt, but so does childbirth… Everybody got stronger.
Tclaps to FNG “Jericho” (Chris Arnold) who killed it his first time out. Tclaps to all pax who left it on the track today, you know who you are…

– Continued prayers for Golden Sombrero and his family.
– Continued prayers for Nailpop’s son Walker.

Again, thanks to everybody for coming out. It was a blast. I think its going to be a fun summer at the Beastside. H.A.G.S!


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