Playlist Suggestions for DJ Clarinet

  • Workout Date - 04/21/2017
  • Q In Charge - FDIC
  • The PAX - DJ Clarinet, 12th Man, Mr. Belding, Bogo, Abacus, Whittle, Fargo, Partner, Al Borland, Beanie Weanie, Sub-prime, Flow Rider, Francis, Just Truett, FDIC (YHC)
  • AO -

15 PAX showed up, no clue what fun they were in for on the day. 5:15 hit, and the music I had on my custom playlist for the day began.



In the background, the speaker was playing I’ll Make Love to you by Boyz to Men…….LOTS of confused faces.

  • Monkey Humpers—15, IC we started off very slowly, the speed increasing until we reach climax…..I mean, until we hit 15
  • “Halo Humpers”—10 each leg    aka a lunge, named today after the game Halo, when you kill someone in online mode, traditionally you hump their body until they respawn. Started slow, climax at 10
  • Air Humpers—15, IC start slow, slowly increase, climax at 15
  • Crab Humpers—10, IC start slow, slowly increase, climax at 15 afterwards, BOGO stated this was the worst, in elevated crab position you could clearly see all PAX humping the air


The Thang

Everyone partnered up, and one member from each group grabbed a coupon. I explained that one partner was always performing an exercise while the other was in “rest” position of their choice (chill cut, plank, or squat). Exceptions were for exercises D, C, and E. Explanations were on a sheet of paper for each. Some exercises were for each partner to reach their individual rep count required, other exercises reps were for a team total. Again, one person at a time was exercising while other “rested”. The PAX could trade off as needed until all required reps were completed.


D-dips. One partner performing a people’s chair, other partner had to use his legs to perform said dips. EACH partner was required to complete 80.


J-jump squats with an “Abacus air press”. PAX took turns performing a squat, then jumping out of said squat with a coupon and performing a push press. “Abacus air press” comes from when he Q’ed previously, had us using a coupon yet called it an air press. That day we said an air press with a coupon assist. I have since renamed it the “Abacus Air Press”. Team total to reach 100.


C-chest flys. I brought gallon jugs filled with water for this exercise. One partner was on his hands and knees to act as the bench, second partner had to lay back to back and use said water jugs to perform the exercise. Each PAX was required to reach rep count of 60.


L-little baby flitter kicks. On your six, performing a crunch whilst doing flutters. Reps were counted on crunches only, flutters were merely for increased intensity…..and it started with the letter L. These were the worst to me. After 160 big boy sit-ups courtesy of Al Borland on Wednesday, I hit a wall here. Team total reps to reach was 240…..I’ll reconsider that number next time.


A-around the track. Pretty simple, one lap per partner around the track….just running backwards.


R-rocky balboa. The letter R was originally going to be ranger merkins, so, y’all are welcome for the late night change of heart. Exercise performed using your coupon as the “curb” performing a toe tap. I was impressed that no team turned their coupon to make it as small as possible. Every team had it turned on long end, thus making the exercise harder than it needed to be….or maybe they were already too exhausted to think it thru. Once one team did it the hard way, everyone else followed suit. Reps were double count, team total was 360.


I-iron mike’s. This was a jump lunge, and is a  four count exercise. Jump, left leg squat, jump and change legs in air, right leg squat=one rep. Team total reps to reach, 180.


N-never cross dolly. Performed on your six, arms stretched as if on a cross, complete a dolly. Only your butt is touching the ground. Team total reps was 280. No one made it past this point…..mission accomplished.


E-everyone’s doing it. I had to get creative for this letter. One partner was to be in what I call a bridge position, aka chill cut. Other partner jumped over the bridge. Reference back to arguments as a child with mother of how everyone is doing it, and moms always retort “If they were jumping over a bridge would you do it too?” Each partner was to complete 100 single count jumps.


T-tricep extensions. Pretty basic, exercise to be performed with a coupon, team total was to have been 400.


To go along with the name of the workout, I had a custom playlist I’d created, and brought along my Beats Pill. After our warmup to Boyz to Men, we enjoyed the following:

CCR- Bad Moon Rising

House of Pain- Jump Around

Brooks & Dunn-Boot Scootin’ Boogie

Blink 182- All the Small Things

Billy Joel-Uptown Girl

Smash Mouth-All Star

Tom Petty- Mary Jane’s Last Dance

Sugar Ray- Fly (featuring Super Cat)

Beastie Boys- Brass Monkey

Kenny Loggins- Footloose

George Michael- Faith

Queen- Another One Bites the Dust





I shared a few passages about friendship, leaning on each other, surrounding yourself with wise people, etc.

Prov 17:17, Prov 18:24, Eccl 4:9,10,12 Prov 27:17, Prov 13:20, and 1 Thess 5:9-11 (this passage was read from The Message). Thanked the guys for their encouragement, and shared my frustration at always lagging behind the old guys cause they’re in good shape and I have a long ways to go. It’s not a competition, but we’re guys, it’s what we tend to do to compare ourselves to others. More was said, and a bit more explanation, but enough detail for back blast purposes.



  • Some kind of eating/gathering event on a Saturday coming soon, we couldn’t remember all the details.
  • 4/23 F3 group at New Spring Powdersville starts back, meets at 5pm.
  • June 10th, Hog Day??…at Jones Gap
  • June 10th, 5k in Anderson, usually a competition to see who can have most attendees. Flo Rider to post a link. He offered FREE CFA breakfast to winner.
  • Inflatable 5k coming up. See Clarinet for details.


Praise/prayer requests:

  • Clarinet and BOGO know two families that have dealt with miscarriages. Pray for them, and yet praises that God has put other families in their path who have gone thru the same event and are able to provide encouragement and guidance.
  • 12th man had an awesome trip to see his parents. He had peace on the long drive there, and it was very productive. Burdens were lifted and lines of communication open that have never been as strong in his 38+ years of existence.

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