Playground extravaganza

  • Workout Date - 04/14/2018
  • Q In Charge - Mint Julep
  • The PAX - Short Barrel, Strange Brew, Cyclone, Ron Swanson, Deflated (Respect), Pythagoras (Respect), Nature Boy (Respect), LOB, Runners (Whisper, NYOPT, 3rd Wheel...I mean RT), MJ
  • AO - Pitchfork

12 PAX (9 WO & 3 Runners) decided to kick Saturday morning in the junk and break a little sweat…and wind.  Whisper and NYOPT did their normal Saturday morning jaunt…oh wait here comes RT to ruin their special time together.  Way to go RT.   9 PAX circled up and got their day going.

Mission Statement – Nailed it

Disclaimer – still have no idea what I’m doing but it’ll suck


SSH x 25 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Hillbillies x 20 IC


Lets mosey to the playground #1/track

Side note…as we’re on our mosey we noticed the construction of a nice new shiny playground…it’s a doozy and lots of fun will be had there.  That didn’t sound right…

Each Pax does the following…sprint 100m/10 hand release merkins/sprint back 100m/10 pull-ups or rows at the playground…That is 1 round.

Goal was to do 10 rounds total or as many as you can by 6:30.  A few got 10 rounds, everyone hustled, Short Barrel mumbled a few choice words to YHS from time to time.  It’s 6:30 lets move on to the next one


Mosey to Playground #2 for 11’s

11’s…Burpees & hanging toes to bar…get after it.

Short Barrel’s mumble chatter turned into repeated finger pointing…not the index finger.


Mosey to b-ball court & partner up

P1 – Al Gore on the wall

P2 – bear crawl to end of court & backwards bear crawl back

3 rounds each…done…let’s mosey back to the flags



LBC’s x 25 IC

Crab cakes x 20 OYO


Plank holds to finish it up


Announcements…Team Avia Mud Run 5/19 (taking sponsorships now)…War Fund 5k 5/19…No PF on 4/17 & 4/28 as we “converge” with Fia…


Prayers…Wilson in Summerville…Andrew Brunson…Drake…Elmer’s friend…All Service men & women


It was a pleasure to lead such a fine group of gentlemen this morning.  God Bless!  SYITG

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