Play Ball!

  • Workout Date - 05/28/2021
  • Q In Charge - Cokcpit
  • The PAX - Peek-a-boo, Heidi, Brady Bunch, Toll Booth, Turtle Wax, Dr. Phil, Pretty Loving Guy, Handrail, Booger, Dexter
  • AO - Pitchfork

11 pax beat the fart sack this AM and got better together.

Mission: Nailed it. Check

Disclaimer: Not a pro. Check. Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself. Double Check.

Warm Up: SSH IC, Imperial Walkers IC, Plank Jacks IC, Big Loop Lap

Thang: Mosey’d to the speed way for some dumbbell baseball F3 style. Homeplate was the timekeeper with 15 burpees. Everyone else was on a base AMRAP’ing their weights with a different exercise each inning at each base. Exercises included curls, goblet squats, squat presses, chest presses, shoulder shrugs, skull crushers, bent over rows, tricep extensions, planks w/ renegade rows, hammer curls. Wen home plate team called rotate, move to the next base… lunge w/ weights to 1st base, duck walk w/ weights to 2nd, backwards run w/ weights to 3rd, or run w/ weights to home; everybody got 4 innings in and we even saved a few minutes for Mary.

Mary: LBCs IC, Box Cutters IC, Planks: regular, right arm high, regular, left arm high, regular. Times Up!

Announcements: Memorial Day Murph at PF starts 0600. Handrail has a HC FNG for Saturday. Show up and see what cool name the FNG gets.

COT: Prayers unspoken

SYITG – Cockpit