Plate Full of Mary & a Side of FLAY

  • Workout Date - 04/07/2016
  • Q In Charge - Grrr
  • The PAX - Erector, Perry Mason, Bob Barker(Respect), Slick Willy, Mr. Head, NSA, Shep, No Bars, ITunes, & Grrr
  • AO -

The Q calendar for #TheStation was wide open, so YHC went to social media around lunchtime yesterday to try and lure a Q from the shadows #brokenrecord. #Crickets were heard, so Perry Mason threatened a repeat of Tuesday’s workout with a devilish twist, running backwards the whole time. More #crickets

By 10:17 PM I decided I would Q #siteQprobs. I did not want to disappoint the PAX and I was #clueless so I used the ole trusty F3 app, Thanks Alfred who BTW #fartsacked again! 😉 I was thumbing through some backblasts when I stumbled upon Flay’s most recent Q. Down deep in my memory bank I recalled how #turrible one of his workouts was and after reading the backblast it looked #sucktastic. Disclaimer: I can only take credit for some of the pain and Flay deserves the rest of the credit. Thank you sir!


B.L.I.M.P.S. (Little outside our SSH norm, Slick Willy “This sucks!”)
-Burpees X 5, Lunges X 10, IW X 15IC, Merkins X 20, Plankjacks X 25, Squats X 30

Main Thang

Mosey to Shelter & Partner Up
Partner 1- 10 X Picnic Bench Presses
Partner 2- AMRAP Exercises
Flapjack, Rinse, & Repeat 5 Rounds
Rounds 1-2: Jump Squats
Round 3-4: Big Boys
Round 5: Jump Squats

Mosey to Hill for Dan Taylor Pyramid- NSA with disgust “Geez!”
Up to 5 Squats/20 Lunges & Back Down
At top of hill line up for Indian Run
-First Stop 25 Russian Twists OYO DC
-Second Stop 20 Flutters IC
-Third Stop People’s Chair w/ Exercises & Balls to Wall

Mosey to Park Entrance
-Double D’s 50 Dips & 25 Derkins
Diamond Builder
-Broad Jump 1st Light Pole 5 X Diamond Merkins
-Broad Jump 2nd LP 10 X DM
-Duck Walk 3rd LP 15 X DM
-Duck Walk 4th LP 20 X DM #NoLegsNoShoulders
Six Inches, 45 Degrees, & Flutter X 20IC

Amphitheatre 10x10x10
-10 Box Jumps, 10 Werkins, & 10 DC LBC’s

Grab Bag of Mary on the Stage- PAX calls out exercises
-Peter Parkers
-I Dip, You Dip, We Dip
-Freddie Mercury’s
-Reverse Crunches
-Plank Shoulder Touches IC
-Back Scratchers
-Yoga & Kung Fu Stretches

Prayers for Natty, Hammond Family, Ford Sweeney, & Bob Barker

Good work today men! I love this group and appreciate you holding me accountable.

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