Plate 108 Is Now Served!

  • Workout Date - 08/08/2015
  • Q In Charge - Gluten
  • The PAX - T Bag, Brown Shorts, Speedo, Spidey-WB, Gluten-WD
  • AO -

F3 PowderKeg Welcome & Disclaimer:

GOOD MORNING! I’m Gluten and you are posting at a FREE peer-led boot camp style work out of F3NATION. WELCOME! I’m not a professional. If you are new, none of us are liable for what happens to you TODAY. Modify as necessary. I don’t want you to get hurt on my Q. That might be a bit embarrassing to some who come to realize a 54 year-old grandfather was somehow indirectly responsible for you hurting yourself. However, we leave no man behind! I’m a Registered Dietitian… in health care foodservice at a psychiatric facility. That may give you a little method into Gluten’s madness this morning for our little warm-up. So, are you ready?

I. The “Plate 108” Warm Up SPECIAL: …think of it as a foretaste of an Eight Course Meal, of sorts! I know you’re anxious, but be patient. This is just the first course. Hope you enjoy.

  • 10 X The Werkin                   SP        M         IC        E…       H         Recover
  • 11 X Frankensteinz               SP        M         IC        E…       H
  • 12 X SSH                              SP        M         IC        E…       H
  • 13 X Crab Cakes                  SP        M         IC        E…       H         Flip flop
  • 14 X Parker Peppers            SP        M         IC        E…       H         Recover
  • 15 X Prisoner Squash           SP       M         IC        E…       H
  • 16 X Imperial Waffles           SP        M         IC        E…       H
  • 17 X Mountain Climbers      SP        M         IC        E…       H         Recover

108     TOTAL REPS

WOW, that first course just kept growing with each installment. Let’s savor it… Someone give me a COUNTDOWN from ten, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, zero… Okay, we’re gonna MOSEY, in “two brick pass” Indian Run Style! To the block pile! We’ll grab a coupon and circle up for our second course. On your six for this next exercise, #aQuakerOriginal that somehow manages to combine Heels2Heaven with chest press with coupon of your choice. Counting this one the first time around might be interesting as we all get coordinated to the moves with a block.

II.   Block-O-ramA…

  • 15 X H2H w/ chest press, IC
  • 15 X Skull Crushers, IC
  • 10 X Upright Row, SC
  • 21 Guns:
    • 7 X Low Range, Single Count & hold;
    • 7 X Mid Range, SC & hold;
    • 7 X Full Range, SC & hold.
  • Rinse & Repeat for a second round, then return coupons to block pile. Okay, we definitely got our minerals in.

Mosey up to Picnic Shelter… the third course is waiting!

III.  Picnic Shelter Elevens

  • Dips & Derkins, OYO

Mosey to drop off two bricks to mark spot for 6 MOM, but continue Mosey on past the church entrance and around to the side for a spicy hot fourth course.

IV.  Wall of Fire

  • PAX ‘hold court’ in Peoples Chair while each member of the PAX complete LBC’s, OYO, X 10 before rotating to the next member of the PAX on the Wall; rinse & repeat for a second round. Recover.
  • 10 X Frankensteinz, IC

Mosey to Prayer Garden. Our fifth course is waiting.

V.  Prayer Garden

  • Bear Crawl on outer walkway with countdown from 10 to recover before next mosey.

Continue mosey around church to front entrance for our sixth course.

VI.  DAFT PUNK’s Lunges Around The World

  • Seven rounds. Each round included
    1. Right leg forward &
    2. return;
    3. R Leg Side &
    4. return;
    5. R Leg backward &
    6. return;
    7. Left leg forward &
    8. return;
    9. L Leg Side &
    10. return;
    11. L Leg backward &
    12. return.

About Face to the steps, and mosey down to bottom tier for our seventh course.

VII.      Smoking Joe Hendricks

  • Backward bear crawl up each set of steps plus karaoke across pavement to next steps all the way to front entrance.

Mosey over for our EIGHTH and final course.

VIII.    6 MOM

  • 15 X Pretzel Crunch R elbow to L knee, IC
  • 15 X Pretzel Crunch L elbow to R knee, IC
  • 15 X Leg flutters, IC
  • 15 X Heels2Heaven, IC
  • 15 X Dollies, IC
  • 15 X Rosalita’s, IC
  • Mountain Climbers, AMRAP until 7am (~90 seconds worth)


Great work on the 8th day of 8th month by 5PAX. **Announcements**

  • Michelin 5k, $8 on 15 August this coming Saturday. 40 plus F3 brothers registered for this chip timed race on a out and back course with some rolling hills;
  • AO Launch Targets – collect email addresses for Pickens County Sad Clowns (any men in Pickens County who have not yet experienced F3). This will help us create a list to be used as we anticipate AO launches with a target date for this untapped region before year-end.

Prayer requests

  • Gluten’s mom cancer survivor and others battling cancer,
  • Duplo’s dad;
  • T Bag’s M & 2.0’s;
  • Harris Hospital’s Chaplain Whitfield recovering from triple bypass & aortic valve replacement now going through cardiac rehab;
  • Praise for many special needs kids who recently participated in beach trip mainstreaming with the Gauntlet Youth of NewSpring. These special needs kids were shown acceptance, respect and love.

After closing out in prayer by Gluten, some 2nd F was experienced at a local coffeteria. As always, it was an honor to struggle together in the PowderKeg gloom with other F3 brothers striving to strengthen our fitness, fellowship and faith in a way that glorifies GOD! Aye!

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