Planes, pains and flatulence drills

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  • Workout Date - 09/05/2017
  • Q In Charge - Nomad
  • The PAX - Mint Julep/Pinetar/Dr Phil/Sammy/Churchlady/Cyclone/Ron Swanson/Short Barrel/NYOPT/Roadtrip/Goose Egg/Urban/ Pretty Lovin’ Guy/ACA/Butter Bean/Ponch/Whisper (Respect)/Thumper/LookoutBelow/Sleasley Rider/Washer/Lt. Dangle/ Gymboree (Respect)/EasyBake/Nomad
  • AO - Pitchfork

25 PAX showed up to see what Nomad had in store for the VQ (thanks to all of you guys for showing up and keeping the ridicule to a minimum).  80s tunes provided the backdrop in the pre-fall air … Mony-Mony!

Mission – yessir … spoken with a melodic harmony that nearly rivals ACA’s cadence calls.

Disclaimer – Not a pro, quite the opposite.

Special treats in store today: Flyover salute (5 push-ups when a plane flies over), Cinco de Soccer Mom (5 push-ups if you are in ear shot of a rear shot)

  • Warmup

Finkle Swings 10 each leg #LacesOut

P.F.O.R.K – Panther Pound squat/burpee up to 3, “F” 4x4s (4 OYO), “O” Outlaws (10 each way OYO) , “R” Rockette Hillbillies (8), “K” Knerkins IC (20)

Mosey to field inside of big track

  • The Thang

Suicidal AROD (reverse Dora) (partner up)  do suicides to ‘half court’ … then soccer goals) … up back/up back) with push-up at each marker (each suicide leg is hallelujah style (arms raised))

300 – Monkey Humpers (single count)

(partner 2 suicide first leg high knees, second leg big skip)

200 – Big Boy Sit-ups

(partner 2 suicide first leg high knees, second leg skip)

100 – Hand Release DanielSon merkins (wax on or off)

(partner 2 suicide first leg high knees, second leg skip)

Mosey back to flags

Lazy DORA at 10% (10-20-30) partner one does exercise, partner 2 holds plank .. then switch)

10 burpees OYO

20 knerkins OYO

30 deep squats OYO


Flutter 24 IC


Flutter 22 IC

Plank it out for final minute

Announcements: Whisper run … thing 7.5 weeks out …  Oct 21st Run for Thought (check it out on the web at supports those who suffered traumatic brain injuries, Ponch rocking TOT Wednesday.

Prayers: Sammy praise … whistle retired!  Andrew Brunson,  Texas and folks in line of Irma.

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