Pitchfork Speedway – Burning Rubber!

  • Workout Date - 03/27/2023
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On a humid Friday morning, 16 PAX burnt rubber on the freshly paved Pitchfork Speedway asphalt with an AMRAP intermingled with running laps…Oh and yes we used dumbbells. Earth Mover joined us for his first Pitchfork experience. Based on the wetness factor of his new glow in the dark F3 shirt, he earned a good workout and will return for more.

The AMRAP was set up in a two man team fashion. Partner one runs his lap while partner two performs the dumbbell reps as assigned. If you pick a lightening fast running partner like Hooch, then you don’t get in many reps, which forces you to run more. Conversely if you are the slow runner, then your partner gets the pleasure of doing more reps. It is all about strategy and the desire to dig deep to get around the speedway while holding back Merlot.

Warm up: 10 min: Merkins on Dumbbells x 10; Curls x 10 each arm; Shoulder presses x 10; Squats x 10

Mosey to Speedway

AMRAP Begins: One partner performs Dumbbell exercises repeatedly until other partner runs lap and returns. Partners switch and repeat routine for 10 min each round.

Round 1: (10 min)

Partner 1: Merkins on Dumbbells x 10; Curls x 10 each arm. Partner 2 – Runs

Round 2: (10 min)

Partner 1: Shoulder presses x 10; Burpees w/ Dumbbells x 1. Partner 2 – Runs

Round 3: (10 min)

Partner 1: Tricep Extensions x 10; Squats x 10. Partner 2 – Runs

Mary: Plank Jacks x 2 min. By the way, these are BRUTAL!

Announcements: F3 Golf Tournament, October 8th (planning in process); Q-School at the Burbs, 8/31 @ 5:15am;  Pitchfork Saturday posts are now at 6am; F3 Dads will be held sometime in the Spring.

Prayers: Cool Breeze new job opportunity; Terry Fogler, pulmonary issues.

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