PitchFork Selection Dry Run

  • Workout Date - 12/02/2016
  • Q In Charge - Third Base
  • The PAX - Officer Poncherello, Soccer Mom, Mint Julip, Name Your Own Price Tool, The Whisperer, Lite Brite, Roadtrip, Benign, Affordable Care Act, and Dr. Phill
  • AO -

Yo Eleven strong came for what was referred to as PitchFork Selection day. So it has been quite some time since I have posted a back blast. I have considered a few but this one I felt was worthy of sharing and passing along. This is a good F3 workout, F3 Spearhead workout WOD, or just if you have a few sandbags lying around kinda workout. This was a great way to pre-end our week, for those that will show up here tomorrow. It felt good to post here I have not posted here on a Friday in many moons. I will try not to let the stint go so long next time. As requested by Whisperer:


30 X SSH until all PAX were in the circle.
5 Deconstruction Burpees (slight communication issues all morning this was the first)
1 up to 5

Mosey to Pick up Coups (sandbags) and Head to Soccer\Track Field
Round 1
Pax 1 Alternating Shoulder Press AMRAP
Pax 2 Bear Crawl pull sandbag left hand then right hand 25yds
Crab Walk back resting sandbag on your chest.
Until each Pax have completed 1 round of Bear Crawls and Crab Walks

Round 2
Pax 1 Atlas Sandbag Squats AMRAP
Pax 2 Squat Clean tosses down and back 25yds.
Until each Pax have completed 1 rounds of Squat Clean tosses down and back

Round 3
Pax 1 Bent over rows AMRAP
Pax 2 Lunge Walks down and back.
Until each Pax have completed 1 rounds of Lunge Walks down and back

Team Competition
Big Boy Sit up Sand Bag Race losers 10 Sandbag 8 Count body builders Winners

Because YHC messed up an oldie but goldie exercise in a twitter feed. I decided I would try to make that exercise a reality today. There may be another name for on the lexicon and a few PAX had a better name than this for this exercise.
15 x Pickle Ponders
In crabwalk positions thrust hips ups while pulling chin down to your chest while pondering over your pickle.

F3SwampRabbit Christmas Party Dec. 10th
Jingle Bell Jog Dec. 10th

F3 Foundation has raised a nice chunk on funds and are looking for unique places to aid a cause. Contact ACA if you have any ideas.

Prayer Requests:
F3 Cher lost his job keep him in your prayers.
A friend of YHC Mike Templeton father passed away yesterday.
F3 ATM co-worker passed away earlier this week
F3 Deflated surgery next week
F3 My Little Brony son Drake did start taking breast milk (praise), however, keep them all in your prayers
All unspoken and those I have missed.

As always it is a wonderful pleasure to be with my F3 crew in the morning. See you all in the gloom next time.

Later Days!
Third Base

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