The Pitchfork original brings all the boys to the yard

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2017
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Whisper (respect), Short Barrel, Deflated (respect), Ponch, Mint Julip, Chernobyl (respect), Nomad, Pine Tar, Road Trip, Gymboree (respect), Easy Bake, Bambi, Obama, Peekaboo, Cyclone, Mayo, Ron Swanson, Hulk Smash (respect), Pretty Loving Guy,
  • AO - Pitchfork

pax continued (Easy Bake, fix this crap where 33 is too many pax for the field.  #ITproblems) –  Church Lady (almost!), Barney, Goose Egg, NYOPT, The Muff, Lt. Dangle, Urban, Washer, Rainbow Warrior, Erector (HBD), Affordable Care Act, Magic School Bus, Soccer Mom, ATM (YHC)

33 pax circled up at Pitchfork with the promise of some of Pitchfork’s originals from one of Pitchfork’s originals, YHC.   Yes…33!  Great to have Erector (HBD brother!) and Rainbow Warrior from the Station with us.  Great to have Hulk Smash back and Floppy Disc did the pre-run, but had to bail to work before the workout.

Mission and Disclaimer – nailed it

Warm up – SSH, BH, and Smurf Jacks (#crowdpleaser #1)

Thang – mosey to the track for a couple of laps Indian run.

Line up shoulder to shoulder in plank position for the infamous merkin trail of tears, originally courtesy of Bambi.  3 pax at a time, pax bear crawl to the other end of the VERY LONG line and lead the pax in merkins, starting at 1 and we went up to 11.

Over to the basketball court for modified 17s – an ACA original.  With so many pax, we modified to to 34s…wait, that’s worse…yep.  Pax partner up and each pax sprints to other sideline and back…tag.  Each pax goes 17 times back and forth.  Yep, 17 times each.  #speedwork #fastfeet

Circle up for some of YHC’s favorites.  Moroccan Night Club x 75 IC, Monkey humpers x 20 IC, overhead claps x 35 IC – shoulders are smoked all around.   A little Mary off schedule with flutters and LBCs.

Back to the flags and line up for 17 repeats.   #falseending


Annc – 5k for Drake –, Spinx Run Fest, HH tonight.  Q needed this Saturday at PF.

P/P – YHC’s coworker Mary lost sister, Praise for Ford Sweeney improvement, Melissa (Whisper’s friend), Ping, Andrew Brunson, Erector’s Dad (back surgery), praise for the 2ndF glue that brought Hulk Smash back to us today!

NMM – Great work by all this am.  Nice to have Hulk Smash back and Erector/Rainbow Warrior with us today.  Somewhat of a reunion with ACA, Bambi, Hulk, Whisper, Soccer Mom, and YHC – all PF originals in attendance.   Also great to see the new guys posting consistently and the not-so new guys leading the Golden Strip AOs.

Pleasure to lead you men as always.  SYITG next time,


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