Pitchfork no shows….

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2016
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - Whisper (Respect, LIFO), Pine Tar, Soccer Mom, Floppy Disc, Earthmover (QIC)
  • AO -

YHC answered Bambi’s siren call for a guest Q for #pitchfork the other day and was excited to journey to the outer burbs to the AO that generally has the highest attendance in all of F3SwampRabbit. Rain? Shouldn’t matter to these studs (or so I thought). It was just SoccerMom and me in the parking lot for awhile until others rolled in and Whisper earned the LIFO award.

Here’s what transpired:

Head to front door of Oakview Elementary to get out of wind and rain. Observe the video camera staring at us so I hope #principalskinner enjoys reviewing the tape.

SSH x 30 IC
Slow count merkins x 10
Hillbillies x 15 IC
1 merkin, bear crawl to next pole, 2 merkins, etc up to 5. Come back doing 1 squat, broad jump to next pole, etc

0.0 workout. Every minute on the minute perform the following:
Minute 1 – 10 burpees
Minute 2 – 20 squats
Minute 3 – 30 LBCs

In honor of Sushi we did #yoleven rounds.
110 burpees
220 squats
330 LBCs

Finish up with some dollies and big boy situps

Whisper 5k
Soccer Mom – half marathon
Other prayers spoken and unspoken. Whisper took us out with solid thoughts for the day



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