• Workout Date - 04/16/2016
  • Q In Charge - Short Barrel
  • The PAX - Spackler, Lite Brite, Thumper, ATM. FNG Pistol Pete (Travis Nelson), Hulk Smash (Respect), Church Lady, Whisper (Respect), Bambi, Look Out Below, Soccer Mom, Third Base, John Denver, Dr. Phil, Short Barrel-YHC
  • AO -

15 brave pax resisted the urge to fart-sack to try to accomplish a childhood dream of forever becoming a pitchfork firefighter. This was my VQ plus I had an FNG coming so some problems were to be expected. Especially since this is the second time I am writing this backblast. (The first one got deleted!!!!) Intro of pax to FNG, F3 mission statement (thanks ATM), disclaimer and begin:

Warm up:

SSH x 20 IC (side note to the best cadence man in F3-Affordable Care Act, I tried to mimic you but I didn’t do it just-much love ACA)
Hill Billys x 20 IC

Mosey to the speedway:

Split pax into 5 groups of 3 for some AMRAP stations. I tried to simulate the firefighter agility test we give to all new hires……….this was as close as it comes.

7 stations 5 min. each AMRAP
1.50′ section fire hose for some battle hose. pax 1 alternating arms, pax 1 both arms together, pax 3 run a lap
2.3-50′ sections of fire hose connected together. 2-4′ taped boxes on the ground 75′ apart. pax 1 sprint with one end of the hose over your shoulder 75′ to second taped box, drop down take a knee, and hand over hand until all hose is in box. pax 2 plank position, pax 3 run a lap
3.Tractor tire with 2-50′ sections of 2 1/2 hose. Each hose is taped to simulate a high-rise kit. pax 1 & 2 take a section of hose and do step ups. pax 3 run a lap
4.Tractor tire with 2-8lbs sledge hammers. pax 1 & 2 hit tire alternating shoulder simulating a forcible entry prop. pax 3 run a lap
5.4 CMU’s (concrete masonry unit-thanks Soccer Mom) pax 1 & 2 carry to blocks (simulated saws) down 50′ to cone and back. 10 goblet squats. pax 3 run a lap
6.Victim Removal- 145lbs mankin (Carl) carried by 2 pax 50′ around cone and back. pax 3 run a lap. (This is where I forgot to tell everybody about my second FNG-Carl. Carl is real lazy and likes to be carried everywhere. Carl really SUCKS!!)
7.pax 1 flutters, pax 2 LBC’s, pax 3 run a lap

Great effort by the entire pax. Last count was 2.3 miles that day. But wait, we still have 15 minutes left.

Welcome to the Great Wall of Fire Tire?!?…wait….what….

Position both tractor tries side by side on the track. split pax into 2 groups. 1 pax from each group gets in tire. Pax lifts tire over head pax 1 runs with simulated high rise get around track. Rest of pax moves tire, while being held overhead to first inside cone (approx. 25′ away). Hold tire till pax returns from running. Pax 1 stands in middle, tire is lowered down, pax 1 gets out-pax 2 get in. Rinse and repeat till tire has made it all the way around track and all pax have taken at least one lap. About 10 cones around track. Both tires made it about 3/4 around track before times up.

Mosey back to flags for COT and naming of FNG-Pistol Pete (Travis Nelson)

I wanted to tell everybody how much I appreciated there hard work but more importantly for being apart of one of the coolest things I have done in a while…..F3. Spackler told me at church about it, and when I got home my M said a guy she worked with did it (ATM). So the next day I email him, within the hour we are texting, an hour after that we are talking on the phone. Then the following Saturday I’m at F3 (ATM fart-sacked…I’m not going to tell anybody else). SpongeBob did the deck-of-death and I couldn’t walk for 3 days. Took me a week to come back but it’s like everybody says “you come out for the workout, you keep come back for the fellowship.” It’s been a long time since I have been around a group of men that believe being a husband, father, leader, and Christian is something to be proud of. Until I started coming to F3. We were all asked around the first of the year to come up with some commitments, because a man stands by his commitments and doesn’t just make empty promises. Well one of mine was a journal. I know most of the guys it was a workout or physical commitment but hear me out. I just wanted something for my boys to have, to tell them what there dad did and was thinking. Historical events, things I’ve seen or done in my firefighting career, family events, etc. (I highly recommend this). Before my first Q I was just flipping through my journal and read my first entry. “Today I did a really hard workout with a group of guys known as F3. The workout really sucked, but at the end we took prayer requests, and then prayed. Besides my salvation and my family, one of the coolest things I have done in a while”

Thanks Spackler for telling me……….thanks ATM for inviting me……….all the other pax……………thanks for being F3………

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