Pitchfork 200 – something…

  • Workout Date - 03/24/2017
  • Q In Charge - Pine Tar
  • The PAX - Mint Julep, Soccer Mom, Easy Bake, Hannah Montana, Road Trip, NYOPT, Johnny-5, Washer, The Muff, Benign, Short Barrel, YHC – PineTar, and one more
  • AO -

While many HIM from Pitchfork / Swamp Rabbit area were running their way from Lexington to the coast on the Palmetto 200, 12 PAX got together and did well over 200 reps of hurtful stuff with weights. I think they were wishing they were in a van somewhere on the P200 trail by the time it was over. This was a tough one, and needless to say, I had trouble moving throughout the rest of the day…..here’s how it went down:

SSH X 20
IMP Walker X 20
Arm Circles – forward and backward
Mosey to Speedway

Working solo, PAX will complete required reps of said exercise, then take a lap and plank up for the six. The following exercises were done in order –
21’s on 1 leg – 7 half curl low, 7 half curl high, 7 full curls. 21 each leg. Lap.
20 lunges each leg with weight – lap
American Hammer x 30 – lap
Merkin with row x 30 – lap
Squat w/ overhead shoulder press X 30 – lap
Manmaker X 10 – lap

And enough fun was had by all and enough time was left, so we did it all over again!

Flutters X 25

Mud Run May 20
Reedy River 5 and 10K – April 22
Go ruck june 10

Johnny 5 praise M’s improved w new meds
Andrew Brunson
Benign’s dad
Safe run / good fellowship for the men on P200
Johnny 5 – dad with prostate issues, upcoming tests
Friends of Squid and NYOPT – marriage trouble

Honored to lead such great men today. SYITG.

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