Pipe Dreams

  • Workout Date - 02/07/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sherpa
  • The PAX - Sherpa, Gorkha, Annapurna, and 5 FNG's. FNG Bipin, Prakash (F3 Dablam), Naresh (F3 Jimbay), Sanjay (F3 Pasa), Sujan (F3 Columbus)
  • AO -

Last week YHC showed up alone. Not this week. 8 posted, including 5 FNG’s. The weather is getting warmer, and the word is getting out. I think we’re seeing a little momentum. Location is one of our biggest challenges, as Kathmandu just doesn’t have public parks. We’ll continue to look into more convenient locations as I have a couple of leads on private properties we may be able to obtain permission for, that are nearer to Jowalakhel.

The Deal:

Few of us started right at 7:00, but due to the confusion of this location several were late as they went to a different gate. No problem.

– Gorkha started us off with a round of new warmups, some kind of leg lift things we’ll have to come up with a name for

– Then moved on to 30 Mall Walkers, triple count

– 30 smurfjacks, triple count

– demonstrated proper Burpees to the largely new PAX

– 10 Burpees OYO

– Demonstrated Mountain Climbers since we are in Nepal, after all

– 20 mountain climbers, double count

Then we took off to take advantage of the great materials lying around. There are piles of huge pipes, so we paired off into teams of 2. One crawled through 4 pipes, and then back, while the other did Mountain Climbers. Combined to do 200 total, but PAX lost count so I estimated about 6-7 rounds and called an audible. Planked up. Did a round of Plank-o-rama until’ everyone was falling on the ground tired.

Rallied the troops and ran to the net field. From there, did a modified Jacob’s Ladder up the hill. Did Bear Crawl to the top of the hill, 1 Burpee, run back down, Brea Crawl up, 2 Burpees, and so on up to 7. Many couldn’t finish. But good work trying. You will get stronger if you keep coming!

Then we did Indian Run back to the starting gate. Called an audible and did 20 Dips. Then back for a rousing round of Core:

– 30 Rosalita’s, triple count

– 20 Heals to Heaven

– 6 inches off the ground, count to 20

– 20 LBC’s

– Then modified to do some kind of superman pushup, which is pushup, down and hold, then all the way to the ground, hands and legs out, repeat. 5x

– 10 pushups OYO

– Did a weird backward spider thing where we stood backwards on our hands and feet. Lift one leg to the sky, then the opposite arm. Hold as long as possible. Then do the other side. Repeat. Guys were shaking, pretty hillarious.

End with Name-o-rama and Circle of Trust.

Pray for Sanjay’s sisters, and several guys who are looking for jobs. Also, we met a woman who is being severely abused by her husband and had wounds over her whole body. Bipin is in touch with her, and we are offering help as several of us know of safe houses and such. We also met 4 very ragged looking children who said their father is an alcoholic and is beating them so they cannot live at home. Everywhere you look, there are heartbreaking stories in this place. Please pray for these folks, and for us for wisdom in how to help.

Also pray for a new location, which will be easier for people to access. I think there will be many more who will come if we have a more convenient location, as many guys don’t have any mode of transportation so getting there is difficult and I can only give rides to so many people on the scooter 🙂

Afterwards, did Coffee-o-rama at the tea shack nearby. Met 4 new guys who said they will definitely be there next week.


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