Picture this, FART-SACK'n SALLYS

  • Workout Date - 02/19/2015
  • Q In Charge - Houdini
  • The PAX - Inspector Gadget (WD), Latka, Iceman, Hootie, Houdini (WB)
  • AO -

5 committed souls answered the bell on another B E A Utiful morning.  Greenville is our playground and we don’t take days off just because the temperature isn’t ideal – listed below you’ll find what YHC can recall….

Gloom Observations – Inspector Gadget rocked a stylish scarf in the gloom, Hootie looks better when he has a mask on, Latka is a media whore & Iceman bounced back with authority from being sick all last week….

Warm up:
MCsX20 / Merkins X10 / LBCs X20 / REPEATO

DipsX20 / Box Jumps X20 / Dragonfly X15 / REPEATO

MOSEY southbound towards Liberty

The Thang:

Pause at Larkins bridge for Derkins X15 /RTs X20 dblcount / REPEATO

Liberty Bridge Circle – Box Jump up three levels and FJs X 15 / REPEATO THREE TIMES

MOSEY to the bottom of Furman College Way – behind Governors School

Tackle the Hill:

Rotate exercise at every street light:

Diamonds X10 Squats X15 all the way up to Howe/University roundabout – ½ was done backwards jog’n

Former parking lot now aesthetically appealing walkway behind Eggs UP:

Box Jumps X20 / Dragonfly X15 / REPEATO

Hop over to grass circle for Flutters X20 / Merkins X15 / REPEATO


Pause for some FJs X15 / MCs X20 and continue back to Larkins bridge for Derkins X15 / RT X20

MOSEY home

Slow Dips on Q X 10

Slow Merkins on Q X5


Naked Moleskin:

Tuesday, 24th Q school w/ Latka & Sponge at MT

Hartsville launch coming up – holler at Inspector or Blue Hawaii if you’d like to join

Asheville Expansion – super chill workout, will be different meaning of #smoked

Shake a leg,

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