Pick Your Poison

  • Workout Date - 09/04/2014
  • Q In Charge - Punkin Spice
  • The PAX - Hard Hat, FNG-Buck Shot Jerry, Posh Spice, Handy Manny, Blue Hawaii, Mr. Kotter, Bib, Wiki, FNG-No Strings Attached (NSA), Slum Lord, Punkin Spice
  • AO -

11 Faithful, including 2 FNGs, made their way out of the Fartsack and over to Graceland in the early morning gloom to ‘do the hard things’ and put in their downPAINment for the day. Let’s get to it.

Warm Up

HJKs, x20 OYO

MCs, x15 IC

Diamond Merkins, x10 IC

Tha Thang

Indian Run around a little 1 mile loop YHC came across while driving around checking the surrounding area before the Pax showed up.

Okay, now that we have the running out of the way…

YHC asked a few Pax to call out an exercise of their choice. Hard Hat (Flutters), Posh (MCs), and Snowden, who texted YHC around 0500 informing YHC that he had been up all night sick and wasn’t going to make it to the land of grace, so YHC wished him well and asked him to call out an exercise so he could be represented (T-merkins). Hope you are feeling better brother! Get well soon! It’s never the same without you. #minimalmumblechatter

Side note: I just saw Snowden at Chipotle for the weekly thursday lunch. Good thing is that he is feeling better and not ‘sick’ anymore, the bad thing is I think you were right Hard Hat, ‘sick’ may have meant, ‘BEASTside kicked my butt the previous morning’. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was actually sick. Either way, you were missed Snowden.

Perform exercise, run to the curb (we’ll call it 50 yards), run back, plank up.

MCs, double count, x28

MCs, double count, x21 (was supposed to be 24 but YHC got ahead of himself)

T-Merkins x21 (some mumble chatter during these so the next set was modified to Merkins)

Merkins x24

Flutters, double count, x45

Dips x56

About half way through the Pax started figuring out what YHC was doing. Posh represented the University of South Carolina so therefore, 28 point total, 24 errr.. 21 (oops) for losing margin. Snowden represented Clemson, 21 point total, 24 losing margin. Georgia was going to be represented by Earthmover, he didn’t show, but YHC knows Hard Hat’s M is a Georgia fan so YHC had him pick, 45 point total, no losing margin, no second set. Finally, YHCs Tar Heels put up 56 against some LFL team. Exercise was going to be smurf jacks, but Hard Hat’s legs were “killing him” from BEASTside, so dips it was!

Once again, YHC had an odd number Pax so no Burpee Leapfrog, again.

So….. insert Super Burpee! Descending by 5s starting at, “15 or 20 Pax?” Hard Hat says 20, love it. 20 merkins, 20 squat thrust, 20 squat jumps, 15, 15, 15, 10, 10, 10, 5, 5, 5, ending with a single Burpee. #crushed


Freddy Mercury, x10 IC

Rosalita, x10 IC

Dolly, x10 IC

Core Jack Webb variation with In & Outs and Russian Twist. YHC says ‘In’ – Pax counts on ‘Out’ followed by the corresponding number of Russian Twist. 1:4 ratio. We went to 5:20.

Handy Manny, call out an exercise.

Dead Cockroach, x10 IC

YHC didn’t want to cut anyone short on their downPAINment so we ran a lap around all the church buildings to burn the last couple minutes. Waiting on the Six we see the last 2 guys round the last corner, one of them an FNG. Then we noticed them sprinting/racing each other to the finish. Love that! Great work guys!! Pushing yourself is what makes you stronger. #embracethesuck



Various announcements, that amounts to us basically trying to recite the weekly Swamp Rabbit update email. So I hope you guys are receiving and reading that email every week. Since there was nothing new I will just leave you to check the weekly update for announcements of all 3 Fs. FNGs, get your email address to the guy that brought you out and they can get it to the appropriate person so you can start receiving the weekly updates.

Prayer Request

All the brothers suffering (Spicoli, Erector, Padre, EC, Grit, and many I’m surely not recalling)

Wiki’s wife’s grandmother (96 y/o two days ago) is in the hospital, fell and broke her arm, lift her up

Praise for Hard Hat and Slum Lord starting new jobs and phases of their lives

Blue Hawaii is going to be leading a sunday school class and is a little nervous. He hopes he has enough time to study and get all of his material together each week and doesn’t ‘make a fool’ of himself. Keep him in your prayers.

Slum Lord’s mother is living with him (indefinitely) and say’s don’t pray for him, pray for his wife.

Pray for our F3 brethren as they run the BRR this weekend.


It is always an honor to lead such high quality men! Great work guys, especially the FNGs! Keep coming out, I know “it sucks” but trust me, you’ll get stronger and it will get easier.

Don’t miss out on YHCs 9/11 ‘Never Forget’ Dora Q at TheBurbs next Thursday!

Pax Propter Vim


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