PF – Tractor Pull…sort of

  • Workout Date - 12/24/2016
  • Q In Charge - Mint Julep
  • The PAX - Road Trip, Thumper, Easy Bake, Whisper (Respect), Deflated (Respect), Pine Tar, Church Lady, Mint Julep (QIC)
  • AO -

8 Pax chose to avoid the fartsack and not enjoy hot chocolate and donuts at home the morning. 3 (Whisper, Thumper & Road Trip) for pre-McDonalds run

YHC tried to come up with a Christmas themed Q today but quickly realized that I’m not that creative… Switching gears YHC tried to come up with a workout that would make everyone sore enough so they would just hang out and relax and enjoy Christmas with their families. Let’s get to it!

Mission: Nailed it
Disclaimer: Nailed it

SSH x 20
Windmill x 20
Monkey Humpers x 15
Shoulder touches x 30

Mosey to bball court
11’s with Merkins & T-bag squats

Mosey to playground
11’s – Pull ups & Hungarian split squats (double count)

Mosey to speedway

This is where YHC wanted to try something different with the tires at Pitchfork…wrap a strap around them and see if we can pull them around the speedway. Split into 2 groups & line up behind tires. P1 pulls the tire up the speedway to the fire hydrant (approx. 30 yards), sprints back to line, next P sprints to tire and pulls it back. Up and back, etc. This plan was quickly torn apart when Pine Tar decided the strap was not manly enough for him and had to perform some impromptu cat like gymnastic moves to avoid injury.

Step back and punt…Line 1 pulls the tire, Line 2 does tire flips…switch lines and get 2 runs of each exercise in.

Time filler…PAX get inside of tire, do 2 deadlifts with tire, run a lap. Tires up and back towards flags.

Line up and merkin trail of tears with hands on the curb, bear crawl to end of line.

Dying cockroaches x 20
6” leg holds x 5 rounds
Superman holds x 5 rounds
Mt climber cross body x 40
Plank variations

YHC is done!

F3 dads at PF 1/14
Congrats and job well done to Easy Bake for his Marathon Fun Run for charity

Young woman at Hulk’s church battling cancer
Church Lady’s aunts family
Pine Tar’s deceased friend’s family spending 1st Xmas without their Dad
Deflated’s brother
Peyton at Monarch
Praise for Drake!
All those away & not able to be with family on Christmas

Merry Christmas to all you weirdo’s and our families that put up with our craziness. It’s been an honor and pleasure learning & growing with you all over the last 7 months…Thank you very much! God Bless!

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