PETA drinking the Kool-Aid

  • Workout Date - 09/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - PETA
  • The PAX - Stewie, Latka, Domer Simpson, San Diego, Soul Plane, Punch Out, Madison (F3 Area 51)
  • AO -

Spongebob posting for PETA:
(MAJOR Thanks to PETA for stepping up these past weeks.  Q’s have been in short supply with BRR and well I’m assuming other good reasons, however the PAX keeps showing up to workout…just not Q.  Regardless, PETA has taken the opportunity to lead and run with it.  Not to mention, from what it looks like, is throwing down some tough beatdowns!)

5:15 and it’s YHC and Stewie.  Latka rolls up at 5:20 and we decide to wait for 5:30…Madison (from Area 51) sees 3 weirdos sorta stretching and knows he’s in the right place.  Domer, Soul Plane and Punch Out stroll in and we have 7 for Main Thang.  Apparently no one grabbed the Q so YHC gets to Q after all.

Warm up

SSH x 20               San Diego joins us to make 8 pax
Hillbillys x 20       Latka informed me my cadence was awful, gimme a break I’m new at this
Dips x 30 OYO

The Thang

Mosey down back steps of Peace Center past the amphitheater under Main Street bridge to Murphy Street…at this point YHC realized I was on the wrong side of the river.  Like I said earlier, I’m new at this so our warm up mosey will be a little longer than planned.  Continue down Murphy Street, right on Falls Street, right on E Camperdown Way and cross Liberty Bridge #scenic for our guest from Charlotte, see it worked out.  Once across the Liberty Bridge, we stop at a little alcove behind the PNC/Spill the Beans building.  This is the home base for the PETA 500.  I borrowed this circuit from Dollywood.  100 reps of 5 exercises broken up into sets of 50 with a loop down the sidewalk and back up the trail along the river after each set.

100 big boy situps
100 flutter kicks (double count)
100 LBC’s
100 oblique crunches (right side)
100 oblique crunches (left side)

500 reps and 10 laps (I think it’s about 2 miles total) and we have complete the 500, not a lot of #mumblechatter so I assume it was a successful beatdown!  Mosey to base of steps at Falls Park entrance on Main Street, you guessed it, Joe Hendrix up steps to Main Street #crowpleaser.  Hustle back to Peace Center, no time left for Mary.


YHC has to hustle back home to be the school bus and asks Domer to finish announcements and prayer requests.  Definitely remember our brothers completing the BRR this weekend, looking forward to some stories!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 months since I started F3.  I have truly enjoyed the comradery of the group and getting to know some of you.  This was my 2nd Q and I look forward to many more!  Thanks for the opportunity to lead.



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