Perfect Storm

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - Youkilis
  • The PAX - Brown Shorts, Whoopee, Flow Rider, Duplo, Mr. Burns, and (YHC) Youkilis
  • AO -

Conditions: A cool wet 54F, in other words Perfect!

Well No FNG’s so I thought I would try and scare the pax with a Slaughter start!

Only one PAX knew what it was and proceeded to walk away.

20 Burpees OYO

20 Side straddle hop IC

Ok the burpees winded me so 20 Imperial walkers OYO

15 Monkey humpers – the plan was to go to 20 but the burn was setting in and the PAX were grateful

Mosey across the street to the gazebo (CAR! Changed the pace to a short sprint for the guys in the back)

With all this rain it is time to load the ark (Spiderman crawl, Bear crawl, Crab walk, Frog hop) two by two we moseyed down the steps and crawled up the curved path and hugged a tree as we waited on the six.

Back to the amphitheater, but along the way we found some steps ready for some Joe Hendrix

All the PAX up on stage and YHC decided to show the crowd our best side.  That’s right we faced the wall and did 20 squats IC.  The wall forced us to keep our weight back on our heels or scrap your face.

Ok how about some Dora? 100 ‘merkins, 200 dips, and 300 LBC’s (Don’t look at the CLOCK!! Because it just stares back and laughs at you and says “You aren’t done yet!”)

Well my hair was starting to get frizzy, must be the humidity, or the pouring rain?  Over to the bank for some cover and some Super 21. 1 Squat & 1 ‘Merkin….10 Squats & 10 ‘Merkins – Break for 20 Erectors IC.  11 Squats & ‘Merkins…13 Squats (I might have forgot 13 ‘Merkins) – Over to Duplo for some Big Boy sit-ups. Continue on to 16 and realize this sux and the pax agreed.  Audible to replace ‘Merkins with calf raises and off to 21.

54 seconds to spare.  We decided to use that time for a Jail Break back to the car after the COT.


Easley is going to try out a Wednesday at 5:30a, same bat channel.

Whoopee is going to look further into a 5K relay race for hope.  Sometime in November, next thing up after the runfest on Oct. 31st.  We also took time to recognize the awesome accomplishments that F3 has done for the PAX.

Golf outing for GCOD coming up Thursday (Dupo and T-Bag are still working on schedules, but hope to be in)

COT: Please pray for all the parents as they work to provide for their child’s needs.

Thank you for the Honor Men!

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