Penultimate Sherpa

  • Workout Date - 08/20/2014
  • Q In Charge - LongBottom
  • The PAX - Sherpa, Hardhat, Prof. Plum, Nature Boy- Whoo!!, Bartman, Vanilla Ice, Oui Oui, Erector, 4 eyes, Heisenberg, Goggles, Amelia, Golden Sombrero, 00, Alfred, Earthmover, Holla!!, Longbottom
  • AO -

We have set attendance records the past 3 weeks.  Lets keep it up and grow this thing!  18 pax resisted the urge of the fartsack and got movin’ to make themselves faster!  Alfred is only a couple of days from being able to run agian, however he still got out and put down a modified 300 work out.  Earthmover did not want to see a brother alone and joined him!  Not sure which was harder, running or all those merkins?

1 mile mosey

The Interval Thang!

5 minutes at interval pace then 3 minutes mosey to recover!  rinse and repeat 4 times! The last 3 minute mosey lead straight into our cool down mile.

Everyone should have put in 5.25 to 6 miles today.  Good work!

7 MOM and Stretching lead by Sherpa! Partner stretch, Pledge Stretch, and an abundance of plank exercises!  Sherpa has the next Beastside Q- may need to think of a track convergence!

Prayers & Praise! Erector has a big week at work and has 2 consultation with oncologist

Radar has injured his back, so prayers for a quick recovery

GS’s father and continued Chemo- Praise that it is not leukemia

Saan Diago has a 2.0- Shepard has joined us.  Sherpa was unable to get him to post on is first day after birth but will continue to EH him.  Nature boy fully approves of is name, whooo!

Heisenberg’s son suffered a soccer injury this week and we pray for a quick recovery!

Lift up all those unspoken concerns and praises.

Announcements: 5K coming up the weekend to support Tebow’s XC team.  See 1D’s post for information

F3 Connect starts Thursday Sept. 18- More details to follow

Aldersgate UMC (“The Gate”) Back to school cook out- F3 Swamprabbit is invited for some 2nd F.

As Always Gentlemen, It was a pleasure and an honor to lead!

LB- out

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