Doing My Part To Minimize Burpees

  • Workout Date - 10/05/2018
  • Q In Charge - Dr Phil
  • The PAX - Short Barrel, Hot For Teacher, Look Out Below, Mint Julip, Mac, Tollbooth, Peak a Boo, Pine Tar, Sammy, Road Trip, Deflated (Respect!), Benign, NYOPT, Soccer Mom
  • AO - Pitchfork

The good news (for some) is that running was minimal and there were no burpees. The bad news is, we forget how exhausting a 0.0-ish workout can be when you don’t get those running breaks.  Having sustained some type of toe injury this week, YHC drew up a Q that set up 45 minutes to get intimate with a set of dumbbells.

Warm Up

  • Hillbilly X 20
  • Windmill X 15
  • Arm circles forwards and backwards of increasing size

The Thang


  • Close hand Merkins X 20
  • Tricep Extensions X 30
  • Tricep Kickbacks X 40 (20 each arm)
  • One minute of flutters


  • Hand Release Merkins X 20
  • Chest Flies X 30
  • Close hand Press X 40
  • one minute of Rosalita


  • Overhead Press X 20
  • Front Should Raises X 30
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps X 40 (single count)
  • one minute of Dolly
  • jog one lap


  • Bent Over Rows X 20
  • Upright Rows X 30
  • Renegade Rows X 40
  • one minute Freddy Mercury


  • Monkey Humpers X 20
  • Squats X 30
  • Lunges X 40
  • one minute LBC’s
  • jog one lap

20 curls per arm

Alligator Merkins wiht dumbells X 20


  • BBSU X 20



  • Deflated with the Saturday Q at Pitchfork
  • 5K to benefit Drake is at the Upward Center in Spartanburg later this month

Prayer Requests

  • Andrew Brunson
  • Pine Tar Sister
  • Darth Visor
  • Police officers in Florence
  • Supreme Court Vote

The gloom never disappoints. Unfortunately, we were reminded this week that this thing we do called F3 is much more than a workout. It is a group of men who desire to get better, who hold each other accountable, who want to make positive impact at home and in their communities, who will have your back when the chips are down, and who have fun doing it.

Grateful to be a part and honored to be able to lead.


Dr Phil

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