• Workout Date - 04/09/2019
  • Q In Charge - Play-Doh
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii; Spandex; Almond Joy; Zipline; Kikiwaka (FNG); Ice Man; Grrr; No Bars; Courtesy Flush; The Muff; LeVar Burton; Stroke Seat; Play-Doh
  • AO - The Station

(13) Strong showed up for the inaugural PM post at The Station (6:45 PM). Most had already posted 1x at 5:30 AM same morning. All came to see what sneakers Blue Hawaii would be wearing and were not disappointed. (1) FNG – Welcome Kikiwaka.

Intro – Mission, modify, etc


SSH X15 IC; AMERICAN HAMMER X 15IC; IW X15 IC; MERKIN – X15 IC. *Warm-ups interrupted by local civilian passing through circle telling us he’d never boot camp again. **Warm-ups interrupted second time by local paparazzi (OK The Greer Citizen) looking to fill column space (still a thing?) with glamour shots of us doing yoga-looking stretches. No interviews were granted. Continued as if no one was watching, which they weren’t. ***Warm-ups interrupted a third time by another civilian, this time assisting with cadence. Thank you sir. Finish W/U – Stretch-Lunge, Runners

Thang #1 – Mosey up Jason St – Left on Cannon St to Park Entrance. Route 66 Big Boys each lamp post. ***AJ with miracle recovery at this point. (45) total BBSU.

Thang #2 – Mosey to amphitheater for Jacob’s Ladder. Straightforward – up the stairs to top for (1) burpee then down to bottom to touch wall. Up to top for (2) burpees, then down to bottom to touch wall. Repeat to (7). ***Paparazzi still in tow getting every shot he can.

Thang #3 – Mosey (?) to fountain for Air Raids. Continuous SSH’s followed by “hit-it” Merkins. ***Paparazzi has lost interest at this point and presumably has headed to cover illegal Bingo on Hwy 14.

Thang #4 – Unencumbered by paparazzi at this point, we can move freely around City Park, so we mosey to the pond for 1.5 laps of Indian Run followed by (20) squats, (20) lunges, (20) split jacks. Then (30) LBCs. Repeat both 1x.

Mosey to lower circle for (50) merkins OYO then backwards up the hill for Mary.

Mary gets a little off course with erectors in the middle of the park. Luckily paparazzi is long gone. Then a dog attacks us. Then it’s basically time.

Announcements/prayers – need Q for Saturday; praise for Blue’s Mom; accelerate your M no matter where you’re at. Reach out to guys who haven’t been out in a while. VQ for Zipline on Thursday.

Most headed to 2nd F at The Wild Ace for wings/pizza/beer/lemonade, which was pretty much the motivation for doing this. Well done.

Great work by great men stepping out and doing something a little different. I’ll get the next one on the books ASAP. Aye.

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