Palmetto 200 Countdown Preblast

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2023
  • Q In Charge - Homewrecker
  • The PAX - F3 Nation taking over the P200
  • AO -

Palmetto 200 – 4 days and counting! The F3 Nation has been training hard for the last few months and it is almost go time. A few reminders before we hit the pavement (thanks to our relay pros, Subprime and Chaser, for your contributions to this)…


Be wise this week.  If you’ve done a great deal of training, especially if it’s more than you’ve done in quite a while, then your muscles are fatigued.  When muscles are fatigued they are much more prone to injury and can tear much more easily. Be careful at boot camps.  If the Q calls sprints or suicides, take it easy. Explosive movements are most likely where you’ll get a tear.  It is good to be active this week, but not at the risk of injury so keeping a fairly normal schedule is good but do it at an easy pace. Lose yourself in a workout for one second and go all out and you could cost your team a runner. As for running miles, the hay is in the barn. A nice, short, easy run is fine Monday and Wednesday, but take Thursday completely off to re-energize your legs.


Here are some must haves to pack for the race:

reflective vests, blinking lights, headlamps (new batteries), trash bags for wet clothes, two pairs of running shoes, running clothes for each leg (review the weather), hat, check or money or fuel costs or incidentals, tac hat for your #F3P200 patch, casual clothes for between legs, flip flops for between legs, toiletries (deoterant, bodyglide, babywipes), first aid, phone charger or GPS watch charger, stretching accessories such as rollers), prescription meds, and pillow or sleeping bag


You can find some information about ordering food (subs and Chic-Fil-A) on the P200 website below. Let me speak from experience, the Chic-Fil-A biscuit and coffee is on point! Other than this, make sure to take some cash for food along the way and nutrition for between legs (snack bars, bagels, fruit, nuts, etc.). Also, make sure to hydrate!


This is definitely a #CSAP event and safety is very important. We have to take care of each other. If you see a F3 brother struggling, speak up. In other words, if you think someone needs to eat or drink more between legs please hold that man accountable. Also, and particularly at night, please watch yourself. Important rules from the handbook – wear a headlamp, vest, or have a flashlight when you are out of the vehicle. Also, no music or headphones at night. A final word – make sure you pay attention to where you are stepping during day and night time. It can get bumpy in a hurry if you have to step off the road for upcoming traffic.


Find start times and the team handbook loaded with information here:

Use the hashtag #F3P200 on race days so we can follow the progress of F3 teams and share some likes among those on the course.

More than anything guys…have fun and get some “kills” (passing a fellow racer during one of your legs)! There will be a large number of F3 brothers on the course. Give each other some encouraging words and use this fitness opportunity for fellowship as well.



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