Pain Station Alpha

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

13 Spry Rabbits planted the SF at #Legacy unaware of the #beatdown that would soon follow.

The Thang:

IW x20
SSHx 25
Mtn Climbers x20

Pain Stations
Partner up, 2 people per station. Hairburners set the pace
Modified Hair Burners (sled with 30lb sandbag)
Derkins (on bench)
Lunge Twists with dumbell
KB Swings
One arm rows with KB (alternating 5 ea side)
Squat Press with cinder blocks
Curls with dumbell

Mosey to pond for lightpole fartleks
Partner up
Lap 1 – partner 1 sprints every other light pole around the pond while partner 2 does dead cockroaches – flapjack
Lap 2 – partner 1 sprints, partner 2 does flutters

Grab some wall for peoples air presses
Squat while doing air presses to 20 (IC)
Squat while alternating lifting each leg

Mosey to mid park for Plank U Very Much
Makthar N’diaye x12
CCV’s x10 each side
Shoulder Touches x20
Hip Twists x10
Elbow plank with 45* leg extension x5 each leg

Mosey back down near the pond for Jacob’s ladder
Bear crawl up the hill- burpees at the top x7, mosey back to the bottom #crowdpleaser

Mosey back to upper park for abbreviated 6MOM
LBC x20
Slutter x10
Rosalita x20

Back to the pain stations for one more trip through.


Naked Moleskin
Mother nature gave us a break from the rain #forgotwhatdryfeelslike
Lot of guys pushing hard out there today #ironsharpensiron
Hairburners never disappoint and are always #crowdpleasers
As Bartman pointed out, I pulled out the #bestofthebest for today’s #downpainment

– We’re moving the weekday #TheMainThang workouts to Tues and Thurs. Same place and time
– Upcoming articles to be published on @F3SwampRabbit in The Greenville Journal (7/12) and GO Magazine (TBD). Be on the lookout for these
– BRR training has begun. One Direction is the Q.
– Kettle bells will be ordered in the next couple of days.
– Check out for info. on the diet challenge
– Also on, info. on the upcoming F3 camp for Father and son/daughter (in CLT).

See you in the #gloom on Tuesday


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