Pain Management Continued

  • Workout Date - 07/16/2014
  • Q In Charge - LongBottom
  • The PAX - Gold dust, Nature Boy, Large Marge, Golden Sombrero, Qui Qui, Sherpa, Alfred, San Diego, 00, Longbottom (Q)
  • AO -

10 pax made it out of the fartsack for some pain management work @ the Beast(side).  TClaps to Qui Qui, Gold Dust, and Large Marge for their first Beastside post.  Gentlemen you will get faster, and it will happen quickly!

1 mile warm up

Rep = Repetition Pace (Fast!)

Rec. = Recovery pace (mosey)

Rep   :  Rec

500m : 300m

300m : 200m

200m : 100m

3 intervals completed

Cool down run 3 laps

core / stretching

The idea is to get those muscles fatigued in short increments and then do a moving recovery. your are training your body to recover more efficiently (and quickly).  If you just go out and jog a set pace then your muscles only recover 1 time (at the end).  With the last two work outs your are getting several times to recover in a fairly short time!  Trust me it will pay off!

Prayers:  For the families of the victims of last weeks wreck!  Tydre and his long road to recovery.

Sherpa and his next chapter: moving back to Nepal to start some new business ventures.  Can we put F3 Kathmandu on the expansion calendar?

Praise: Erector and his continued heeling and good news!  Need you back out at the track!  But get well first.

All those who suffer in silence!

Announcements: Expansion Expansion Expansion!!

Greer: Aug 9

Burbs Split: Monday July 21 “The Gate” (Aldersgate UMC)  YHC has the Q

Thursday July 24 “Graceland” Grace Church on Pelham.  Snowden will be heard!

soon to come:  Anderson, Asheville, and Others!


See you in the gloom, LB

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