PAIN in the RAIN

  • Workout Date - 10/26/2018
  • Q In Charge - Sammy
  • The PAX - NYOPT, SoccerMom, Courtesy Flush, The Muff, Road Trip, Goose Egg, No Bars, Mint Julep, Short Barrel, ATM, Look Out Below
  • AO - Pitchfork

Weather was COLD (which = anything <60 degrees) & Rainy.  A dirty dozen gathered in the gloom & worth mentioning again, the rain.  It is also worth noting that this represented ATM’s 4th post of the week which equaled his total for June-Sept.  He was a solid addition to the mumble chatter in what was forced to be a 0.0.

MISSION-Nailed it!

Modify if needed.

Warm Up    

SSH x30.

High Knees w/ Burpee Drops on the Q’s command

Merkins x30

The Thang

We partnered up for a LAZY DORA.

PAX 1-25 Weighted Big Boys

PAX 2-Hold 6 inches (insert 8th grade snickers here).

Switch until the pair reaches 100 combined reps  (50 each).


PAX 1- 25 Overhead Presses

PAX 2-Hold Plank

Switch until the pair reaches combined 200 reps


PAX 1-Goblet Squats x25

PAX 2-Weighted Al Gore

Switch until the pair reaches 300 combined reps

NEXT PAX 1- Curls x25

PAX 2-Plank

Switch until the pair reached 400 combined


Given the 0.0, we were able to transition to Mary before any PAX knew what was going on.

Wheelbarrow down the covered walkway, 1 pair at a time, switching drivers on the way back.  The rest of the PAX enjoyed an assault on the abs while the 2 were gone that included; BOAT & CANOE, FLUTTER KICKS, LBCs, AMERICAN HAMMERS, a sneaky round of MERKINS, & FREDDY MERCURY.  Every pair got 2 turns.


Announcments -The Deucible-2 Friday before Christmas

Prayers-Drake Rayden, Washer’s sister was in a bad wreck, pray for healing, Pinetar’s sister battle with depression, NYOPT having stem cell injections in his knee with hope of significant improvement.

Not an an easy morning to avoid a Fartsack but a privilege to Q such a group of #HIM!

1 Corinthians 12: 12-27





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