Passing the Test!

  • Workout Date - 06/09/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

Without a Charlotte “q” the swamp rabbit pax was out to prove something.

Thibs started us out with a Drew Brees, 9 burpees. He then led us out looking for a place to circle up:

  • SSH: 25x
  • IW: 20 x
  • Lbc’s: 20 x
  • Merkin: 10

Bartman lead us to the refreshing swamp rabbit pond for an 11 workout.  Fairy jack on the bottom of the hill and Merkins at the top.

Paired up for some running and dips. One person did dips while his partner ran up the stairs and around the inner loop, rinse and repeat 3x

Beast: run from the bottom of the park to the top, stopping  three times to complete the below exercises, intervals of 6 at each stopping point.
• sumo squats up and back
• Merkinjacks up and back
• Air lunges up and back
• Slayed the beast by sprinting to the top of the park and back down

Debit led 6mom:
Rosalita: 25x
Dolly: 20x
LBC’S: 20x

Mosied to the back of the YMCA for some people’s chairs:
Right leg up 5 sec
Left leg up 5 sec
Arms out right leg up 10 sec
Arms out left leg up 10 sec

Mosied around to the side of the YMCA to walk the wall! #crowdpleaser!

Circled up for jack web, 1 Merkin 4 air presses, continue to 5 Merkins and 20 air presses

Mosey back to the park to finish up with catch me if you can (teamed up)! 5x burpees once you were tagged by your partner.

Announcements:  brr prep runs on tues and fri at REI, 5:30am

Shout out to the Charlotte “q” that have helped us out over the past 8 weeks!

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