P200 Hangover

  • Workout Date - 03/27/2018
  • Q In Charge - Mint Julep
  • The PAX - NYPOT, Butcher (Hate), Nature Boy (Respect), Road Trip, Hey You All Watch This (Respect), Sammy, Caccoon, B9, MJ
  • AO - Golden Strip

Today was the first day back in the saddle after the P200 for many of the PAX, 5 sacked up at GS this morning.  I’m sore and tired so let’s get this thing moving.

Mission Statement – Nailed It

Disclaimer – pretty much a moron for doing what we did at the P200



SSH x 25

Mtn Climbers x 25

Windmills x 15


Mosey to track

(4) Exercises – Merkin, Squat, BBSU, 2ct alternating shoulder touches

Start with 10 of each exercise at one end of the track…run half the track and do 9 of each exercise…run half and do 8…blah blah blah…down to 1


Mosey to playground

5 pullups & 5 burpees x 5 rounds each


Mosey to bus loop and get the extra large tire

(2) equal lines…flip the tire…bear crawl to back of line…repeato all the way around the small loop


Mosey to flag for Mary

LBC’s x 25

Leg Raises x 25

Back Scratchers x 25

Plank variations to close it out


Announcements…~360 days until 2019 P200, plenty of time to train & carb load…Reedy River 5k/10k sometime in April, RT is HC to ruck it…F3/FIA convergence 4/17 (no PF that day)

Prayers…Andrew Brunson…Matthew Hook testicular cancer…Praise for P200 teams staying safe

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