One year of weirdness…

  • Workout Date - 06/25/2016
  • Q In Charge - Bambi and ATM
  • The PAX - Earthmover, Church Lady, Whisper (respect!), Bevo, Pet Stain, FNG - Road Trip, Iceman, PETA, Rusty Nail (hate!), Soccer Mom, Light Brite, Look Out Below, Thumper, Quickie, Floppy Disk, Easy Bake, Cool Breeze (Kotters!), Footloose, Hulk Smash (respect!), Pine Tar, Mint Julip, My Little Brony, ATM (YHC), Bambi
  • AO -

24 pax including the FNG with the best entrance ever – Kurt – circled up for the anniversary of the one-of-a-kind Pitchfork. Kurt (n/k/a Road Trip) was EH’d from 3000 miles away and showed up with black masking tape on his shirt spelling out FNG. #instantweirdo. He will fit right in. A bunch of ruckers doubled down to get their weekend started off right.

When YHC and Bambi started developing the Weinke, the workout itself was easy to plan. We knew how to create a #suckfest worthy of an AO Anniversary. The challenge was how to recognize all the other awesome stuff the weirdos at Pitchfork have done over the last year. We also wanted to dedicate some of the morning to our brother Spicoli fighting cancer. #cancersucks

Before we started the workout, Bambi highlighted many of the accomplishments of the #HIM who call Pitchfork home. YHC will try to list them below.

Whisper – 45 pounds lost. From not able to run a mile to killing 5ks.
Floppy Disk – 41 pounds lost
Sammy – 30 pounds lost
Ponch – humility and leadership
Pet Stain – 20+ pounds lost
A bunch of Pathfinder ruckers
ACA – instrumental in starting the Gideons House
ATM and others – 3rd F Wednesday mornings
Spicoli – 5 mile leg of the P200 with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Don’t just survive, live!
YHC apologizes for anyone I missed. TClaps to all of you!

Ok, enough of the niceties, let’s get this thing going.

Mission/Disclaimer by Bambi.
Warm up – 40 burpees OYO. #mumblechatter starts

ATM – mosey to the Pitchfork hill for Burp Back Mountain. Partner up, Pax 1 runs up the hill backwards 5 times while Pax 2 starts on burpees. Flapjack until 100 total burpees. Destroyed the quads going up that hill. #mumblechatter ends

Bambi – 3 lap Indian run to keep the heart rate up. Then line up for the famous (infamous?) Bambi Merkin Trail of Tears. 2 at a time, pax bear crawl to the other end of the pax line and call out merkins. Starting at 1 merkin for first pair, and up to 12 merkins for last pair. Shoulders are smoked. 78 merkins and about a 10 minute plank.

ATM – mosey to the Speedway (#tourdePitchfork). Partner up again – pax 1 runs the speedway while pax 2 starts on exercises. 50 teabaggers, 50 single count lunges, and 50 4-count monkey humpers. Flapjack until combined reps achieved.

Mosey to the flags for 6MOM led by our P90x expert Soccer Mom. Honestly can’t remember much of what we did other than Peter Parkers and some giving birth motions. #smoked

P/P – F3 Dads, Johnson City Launch, Spicoli, Calliendo, Golden Sombrero and his mom’s cancer, Marsha Clark’s mom’s cancer, Mint Julip’s FIL kidney surgery, a bunch of weirdos’ M’s having 2.0s, Soccer Mom family friend Kelly.

NMM – what a year! YHC can remember the poolside EH from Bambi and the first workout in the rain at Pitchfork like it was yesterday. Bambi did a great job highlighting many of the HIMs that call Pitchfork home, but he missed one. Pitchfork is a success and still growing due in large part to the deer’s leadership. He’s always pushing us to get better and try new things. TClaps to you, my friend.

Here is to many more years with you weirdos.

SYITG next time,

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  1. Man, that looks awful.

    Lots of personal and group achievements that indicate just how solid this AO is.

    Pitchfork has indeed been a huge success from day 1. VERY SOLID LEADERSHIP THROUGHOUT at this AO!

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