One Wheel

  • Workout Date - 10/16/2014
  • Q In Charge - Crooked
  • The PAX - (8) Brown Shorts, Crooked, Domer Simpson, Gluten, Iceman, Poodle, Quaker, and Roid
  • AO -

At PowderKeg, we are used to Gluten coming in on two wheels at 5:30am. This morning was no different. Wait, I take that back. Gluten must have only had one wheel today. We have a new PowderKeg record of 19 minutes late – showing up at 5:49am – or, in other words, he Glutened us. Gluten missed warm-up, 2 Johnny Cashes, 2 sets of 7s, and 2 sets of triceps/presses Glutening us. Love ya Gluten and your Glutening.


20 side straddle hops

15 imperial walkers

15 mountain climbers

15 rock hoppers

Mosey to brick pile

Set of 7s

20 tricep curls

20 chest presses

Johnny Cash (5 bicep curls/straight arm)

Johnny Cash (10 squats/seated squat)

Set of 7s

20 tricep curls

20 chest presses


Partner work – 500 LBCs/running uphill

Johnny Cash (10 dead cockroach/6 inches)

Geicko walk 15 feet then sprint

Johnny Cash (10 merkins/plank)

Lunge 15 feet then sprint

Mosey to picnic table

Set of 11s (dips/derkins)

53 box jumps (age of Gluten) – little known fact, I almost merlot on own Q after 11s and jumps


Anderson Launch this Saturday 10/18

10/26 at 2pm Empathy Lunch – email Crooked to RSVP

11/1 from 4-8pm F3 Fall Party BBQ – Contact Iceman – $5 per adult, kids free, bring side dish

11/8 at 8:30am ManUp meet at 7/11 off exit 32. Gun shoot at Gray Court. $5 per person. Contact Roid or Poodle


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